Agafonov Workshop

Agafonov Workshop

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Jewelry House Agafonov Workshop

The Agafonov family business has existed since 1994. Since the day of its foundation, more than 1,500 jewelry, real objects of luxury and art have been created here. Some of the items have been added to the world’s largest collections, such as the collection of the princely family of Monaco and the Imperial House of Japan. Agafonov’s workshop today is a community of talented jewelers and artists, whose hands create extraordinary secular and religious jewelry, children’s collections, unique gift items, expertise and restoration.

Orthodox jewelry
Looking at the Orthodox jewelry of “Agafonov’s Workshop” and V. Tulikov’s workshop, you understand that we are faced with not faceless, everyday models of pectoral crosses and icons, distinguishable only by decor and stones, but quite specific compositions, with their own individual characteristics and unique, sometimes, apparently, not an easy solution and technological execution. Thus, “Agafonov’s Workshop” uses guilloché enamel in its works – a variant of the enamel technique for engraving (carving), where a geometric decor is applied to a metal surface using a special cutter. Then, enamel powder is manually applied to the decorated surface, which, when fired, turns into transparent enamel. Orthodox jewelry turns out to be extraordinary, such that one cannot pass by indifferently: the fantastic facets of precious metals under a thin layer of translucent enamel play with a bewitching shine. Enamel jewelery returns, over and over again delighting with magical shimmer and enchanting with sophistication. And this is facilitated by the jewelery artists of the Agafonov Workshop, which was founded in 1994 by professional jewelers IN Makarevich. and Agafonov L.S., who gathered the best jewelers and artists around them.

Agafonov's Workshop

Mammoth bone box. Agafonov’s workshop

Beauty, uniqueness and quality immediately became the distinctive advantages of the works of “Agafonov’s Workshop”.

The workshop specializes in the design and manufacture of exclusive jewelry and VIP gifts. The main artistic direction of the workshop is cult items (Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism). Professional artists work with the Customer in the Agafonov Workshop. They develop an individual sketch, help to emphasize the uniqueness of a person and to embody any dream into a piece of jewelry. In the works of the workshop, other complex techniques of jewelry decoration are also widely used: graceful hand engraving, rare stone setting techniques, colored hot enamel.

In the technique of hot enamel, Agafonova’s Workshop has become a leader in the Russian jewelry market. Colored hot enamel on a guilloché background, miniature painting on enamel, enamel painting – all these sophisticated techniques for decorating products are performed by the jewelers and enamel artists of the workshop.

High jewelery
Each piece created in the Agafonov Workshop is the embodiment of true jewelry art created by professional artists and jewelers.

At the heart of creativity and the implementation of jewelry designs is the pursuit of absolute perfection. Quality is achieved by adhering to all the secrets of the technological process and careful work. In addition, for more than 25 years of history, a unique and recognizable style has developed here, based on the classical art school, but harmoniously reflecting modernity in itself.

Family jeweler
As in any family business, the Agafonov Workshop attaches particular importance to the theme of heritage and the continuity of generations. They know how important it is to preserve and continue family traditions.

Acting as a family atelier, the workshop’s jewelers tackle the fundamental task of making products that are intended to become part of the family heritage. Creating heirlooms, a generational change is observed here – when those who once made the first earrings now place orders for their parents. This is how a precious family story is created.
Precious personality
Creation of jewelry is a creative and laborious process that requires not only high skill and artistic taste, but also a rare ability to hear the Client. In Agafonov’s Workshop, work on a new product begins with a desire to understand and feel the individuality of the person to whom it is intended.

As a result of thoughtful communication, a sketch is born, thought out to the smallest detail. No matter how difficult the idea is, jewelers find a way to implement it, sometimes even inventing new engineering solutions. Next, precious materials are selected from trusted suppliers and partners, followed by the painstaking work of craftsmen. The whole process can take from 1 to 6 months. This is how jewelers create a unique item that reflects the originality and energy of the future owner.

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