Ai-Petri Crimea – a painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. Ai-Petri. Crimea. 1898-1908
Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. Ai-Petri Crimea 1898-1908

Ai-Petri Crimea – the picture was painted by Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (1842-1910) in the last years of the reclusive period of his life. The artist depicted the top of the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains. A rocky massif in the form of curly teeth stretched across the entire canvas. The landscape is executed in cold tones with the effect of a certain color gradation: bluish-black sea waves, saturated ultramarine and a pale strip of translucent sky. The work gives rise to a sense of the unshakable power of nature and its dominant greatness. The sea and boulders, like two mysterious giants, catch the enthusiastic glances of the audience.

Author: Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (1842-1910).

Year of writing: from about 1898 to 1908.

Size: 39 x 53 cm.

Style: Realism, romanticism.

Genre: Landscape.

Technique: Oil painting.

Material: Paper on canvas.

Location: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Ai-Petri Crimea – a painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi: the mystery of blue.

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi is a brilliant Russian painter, master of philosophical landscape, a member of the Association of the Itinerants. He opened the door for the world to the secrets of the colorful palette, turning the minds of other artists towards a sublime depiction of nature with the help of a unique system of complementary colors.

In 1888, while traveling across the Caucasus, Kuindzhi first visited the mountains. Their monumentality and noble silence had a huge emotional impact on the painter. He found a bold theme for his art and created many beautiful mountain landscapes. In 2019, during the exposition at the Tretyakov Gallery, the painting “Ai-Petri. Crimea ”was kidnapped. But, fortunately, she was quickly found and returned.

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