Andrey Merzlikin

Andrey Merzlikin

Andrey Merzlikin is a popular Russian theater and film actor who became famous after playing the role of Oshparenny in the film “Boomer”. Filmed in such films as “Inhabited Island”, “Brest Fortress”, “Franz + Polina”, “House on the Road”.

Biography of Andrey Merzlikin

Andrey Merzlikin was born on March 24, 1973 in the Moscow region, in the city of Korolev. After school he studied radio engineering and did not dream of an acting career. When the crisis hit the country in the dashing 90s, Andrei decided that it was best to get an economic education in order to stand firmly on his feet. While studying to be an economist, he learned from a girl he knew that she was going to enter a theater university, and was surprised a lot: aren’t they born actors?

Andrey Merzlikin

It was then that Andrei decided that he wanted to get an acting education and play. So he entered the acting department of VGIK (workshop of E.A.Kindinov). During his studies, Merzlikin often starred with young directors. So, in 1998 he played the main roles in the short films “Ailoster”, “Final”, as well as the short drama by Ilya Khotinenko “Why do you love me?” together with Alena Babenko. And for his work in the short film “How I spent my summer” (1999) Natalia Pogonicheva Merzlikin received a prize at the VGIK festival.

After graduation, the aspiring actor starred in episodes – Yevgeny Matveev’s “To Love in Russian 3: The Governor”, Eldar Ryazanov’s “Old Nags” (played an adjutant), Ilya Khotinenko’s film “The Face of French Nationality” (policeman). At the same time, the actor worked in the theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and played, including leading roles (Figaro, Vershinin).

In the film Brest Fortress
In the film Brest Fortress

Filming in the legendary film Boomer

Success and recognition to Andrey Merzlikin came a couple of years later, when the 30-year-old actor appeared in the legendary film by Pyotr Buslov “Boomer” (2003). In this crime saga, Andrei played the role of one of the bandits – Dimon Oshparenny. This film began the ascent of the talented actor to the top of Russian show business. The best roles of Merzlikin were still to come. He starred in many television series (“Penal Battalion”, “A Hero of Our Time”, “Deadly Force”) and films (“Piranha Hunt”, “Inhabited Island”, “Oh, Lucky Man!”).

In 2004, Merzlikin, in a common company, met his future wife, psychologist Anna Osokina. The second meeting took place a year later. In 2006, the 33-year-old actor married his beloved. The Merzlikins have three children (a son and two daughters).

Shot from the film Let's not say goodbye, 2018
Shot from the film Let’s not say goodbye, 2018

Film Roadside House

Andrey is considered to be one of the best dramatic actors in the country. His talent is especially vividly expressed in the film by Anton Sievers “Roadside House” (2010). The hero of Merzlikin is a wealthy businessman, married to an eccentric and wayward girl. With her, he feels like henpecked, but life goes on as usual, and nothing changes until Andrei accidentally knocks down a villager on a country road. Deciding to help him, he finds the victim’s family – an uneducated woman, poor, but incredibly beautiful and harmonious. Unable to control himself, Merzlikin’s hero falls in love with a stranger. While the husband is in a coma, they live like a real happy family in a house on the sidelines. But when the victim of an accident begins to recover, the controversial situation is aggravated.

Merzlikin enjoys acting not only in high-budget films, but also in independent directors. In 2012, he played in the short film “Stories” by Mikhail Segal, where he played the role of a wedding planner – a guru of his business, who invites the couple who turned to him to calculate their future to the smallest detail, including betrayal … The demand for the actor is increasing every year. In 2013, Merzlikin starred in the ambitious project of Andrey Kavun – the TV series “Sherlock Holmes”

With wife and children
Andrei Merzlikin with wife and children
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Tanks 2018
Andrei Merzlikin in the film “Tanks 2018”
Movie Swing 2008
Movie Swing 2008
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