Anna Andrusenko

Anna Andrusenko

Childhood of Anna Andrusenko

The Russian actress Anna Andrusenko was born in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk on July 3, 1989 in a family that never had anything to do with the art world. But, despite this, little Anna grew up incredibly artistic. In the first grade, the girl went to Sochi, where her parents moved in 1995. With great pleasure, she took an active part in all school matinees, performances, and festive events. Noticing the obvious abilities of her daughter, her parents began to take her to a theater circle. It is not surprising that already in her school years, Anya performed on the stage of one of the local theaters.

Her performance was so popular with the audience that the girl realized that the profession of an actress is her vocation. However, Anna’s passion was not supported by her parents, who wanted a more stable future for their daughter. The girl gave in to her parents and applied to the University of Sochi. However, she could not hold out there for a year: Anna gave up her hated studies and without hesitation went to conquer Moscow.

The talented girl was able to immediately enter the famous Sliver, where she studied at the Boris Klyuev course until 2012. Filmography Anna began her career very early, barely settling in as a student of a prestigious theater university. She began performing on the stage of the Maly Academic Theater, playing in children’s plays “Puss in Boots”, “The Wizard of Oz”. Thanks to her performance, Andrusenko was able to attract the attention of directors, and soon she was invited to work in the theater “Vernadsky, 13”.

Anna Andrusenko in the film
Anna Andrusenko in the film “Major”

Film Career

Simultaneously with the theatrical activity, the aspiring actress began acting in films. Her first job was a minor role in the TV series “Univer”. This was followed by a brief downtime, which Anna used to gain much-needed experience on stage. In 2011, Andrusenko returned to the screens again, and this time in three film projects at once: “The White Man”, “Both fathers and children”,”Amazons”. After becoming a certified actress, Anna directed all her efforts to work in the theater. She played in such wonderful productions as “Funny Case”, “The Mousetrap”, “Do not part with your loved ones”.

In 2012, Anna received the main role in the Turkish TV series “Goodbye, Katya”. Her work was so popular with the local public that the actress was awarded the “Golden Orange” – the prestigious prize of Turkish cinema. Having received one of the main roles in the TV series “Closed School”, she gained great fame in her homeland.

The fragile figure and delicate appearance allowed the 22-year-old actress to play a teenager very convincingly. After the release of this multi-part film about the life of schoolchildren, Anna became incredibly popular: she tried her hand at modeling, starred in music videos, participated in various TV shows. 2013 was marked by the airing of the mystical series “Angel and Demon”, which further consolidated the popularity of Anna. At the same time, a new series with her participation was released — “Major”. In 2016, Anna played one of the central roles in the comedy multi-part film “Runaway Relatives”. A year later, the actress was invited to two projects at once, and now the audience will be able to see her in the mystical melodrama “Magdalene”, as well as in the grotesque comedy called”Matryoshka”.

Anna Andrusenko in the film
Anna Andrusenko in the film ” Angel or Demon”


The girl does not talk about her personal life, so nothing is known about her novels. However, for a long time the rumor connected the actress with the actor Kirill Zaporozhsky.

In her spare time, Anna Andrusenko is engaged in ballroom dancing, plays tennis, regularly visits a fitness club and admits that she has become addicted to physical activity. “I’ve been skiing since I was eight years old. I grew up in Sochi, and there the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana is just around the corner. Even when I went to study in Moscow, I did not throw skis. When I returned home for the holidays, I always went to the mountains.”

Continuing film career

Directors and producers are happy to cooperate with such a talented, sweet and responsible actress as Anna Andrusenko. Films with her participation are regularly released on screens.

In 2020, our heroine was approved for the main role in the sitcom “Runaway Relatives” (STS). Her character is the beautiful Julia, a girl from a simple family. She falls in love with Borya Chuikin. Julia does not even know that her chosen one is the son of an oligarch.

In 2020, fans will be able to see the young actress in two films – the Russian melodrama ” Magdalene “(starring) and the tragicomedy” Matryoshka ” (in the image of Tanya).

Affairs with guys and interests outside of work

The actress does not seek to disclose the details of her personal life, which sometimes gives rise to rumors about her affairs with colleagues in the shop. After working in the TV series “Angel and Demon”, many people decided that she had a close relationship with Kirill Zaporozhsky, however, the young people themselves did not confirm their romance. Only in 2020, the girl’s fans found out who her boyfriend was. Yegor Novikov, who won her heart, is engaged in design work, and also acts as a freelancer. In an interview, Andrusenko admitted that she is not going to start a family yet, but if she gets married, she will not give up the profession and will try to combine a career and raising children.

Akrtisa has always welcomed physical activity and movement, but good genetics also allow her to maintain a slim figure (height – 165 cm; weight – 50 kg). Anna does not sit on diets, preferring to eat healthy food, although she does not exclude sweets from her diet. In her spare time, she does her favorite things, and also improves her vocals.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting things about Anna Andrusenko:

In her youth, she experimented with her hair. For a long time, the girl had absolutely white hair. Then Anyuta painted them in chestnut color. And at the age of 16, she cut her hair to zero. After that, our heroine began to grow her native hair color-brown.

Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov chose Anya Andrusenko as the godmother for their daughter Anastasia.
In 2012, at the Turkish film festival “Golden Orange”, the Russian actress won the prize “Best Female Role “. For the image of Catherine created by her in the melodrama ” Goodbye, Katya!”.

A few years ago, Andrusenko worked as a model. She participated in the shows of famous designers. Her photos were published in various glossy publications.

Our heroine starred in two videos of a little-known artist Sergey Rybachev.