Anna Khilkevich famous Russian actress

Anna Khilkevich

The famous actress Anna Khilkevich is a native of the city on the Neva – St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). Anya was born on October 15, 1986.

The family did not live in St. Petersburg for long, so the girl’s father, Alexander Vasilyevich, was a military officer, which meant constant traveling.

When the future star turns 10, the Khilkevich family comes to Moscow.

In the new city, the smiling girl grew up and studied at the educational institution No. 710. Looking at the current actress, she creates the image of a frivolous and stupid girl. But in reality, this image is only shown on large screens. In life, a celebrity is the complete opposite.

From early childhood, Anya was already an actress. And the actress also loved to dress up in different outfits and portray celebrities. Ever since her school years, the girl wanted to become an actress, attended circles of a vocal and dance studio. And she graduated from a music school, piano.

Mom was an athlete, but after the birth of the children, she left her hobby. His father, a former military man, eventually went into business. Initially, the parents did not have a living space, they lived in a rented living space. At this time, Anya studied at a French gymnasium, where she could already communicate with extraordinary ease in a foreign language.

Anna Khilkevich famous Russian actress

After a couple of years, Tatiana and Alexander were able to buy an apartment in Moscow, for this reason Anna had to change educational institution. The school was with a physical and mathematical bias, Khilkevich was accepted into a class with a chemical and biological bias.

The girl had no problems with her studies, she studied well everywhere, additionally she graduated from Shchepkin’s theater school.
While studying at school, the girl was already invited to appear in a TV show, and this was strictly forbidden to students. Between school and work, she stopped at the second, she had to leave school.

Anya is a late child in the family, everyone loved her very much and took care of her. The girl has an older sister who has long married a Frenchman and left abroad.

Parents initially thought that Khilkevich would follow in his father’s footsteps and also go into business, but they supported their daughter in the development of acting.

Colleagues at work unanimously told her that she needed to get a higher education so that she would not regret the lost time later. Anya herself understood this, so she decided to enter the Plekhanov Academy, from which she graduated practically with honors.

Then she graduated from the Higher Theater School. Shchukin. Possessing a good memory, acting talent and dedication, the girl began acting in films at the age of 16. At this age, she played a daughter in the TV series “I Conceived an Escape”, also supporting roles.

Personal life

Having an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure, already in 2011 Anna Khilkevich appeared on the cover of the world men’s magazine “Maxim”, and in 2013 she was offered to appear on the cover of the magazine “Playboy”.

Many fans are interested in the height and weight of Anna Khilkevich. The actress looks great, with a height of 160 cm weighs only 47 kg.

Like all girls, Anya wanted to wear a beautiful white dress, and this happened in 2011. 4 years of relationship with Anton Pokrepa ended with a wedding.

The man worked in television, the director of the objects of the series “Barvikha”, he offered her a role in this television series. A year later, the couple filed for divorce.

Anna Khilkevich’s life got better again after four years, in the summer of 2015 she marries again, already to businessman Arthur Volkov.
The couple are together today. They have two beautiful daughters. Anna gave birth to the first in 2015 and named the girl Arianna, and the second, more recently, in August 2018, was named Maria.
In 2018, she deservedly received a victory in the nomination “Cinema and Television. Mom is a film actress. “