Anna Kovalchuk Russian film actress

Anna Kovalchuk in the film Admiral
Anna Kovalchuk in the film Admiral

Anna Kovalchuk is a Russian theater and film actress. She gained wide popularity thanks to her roles in films and TV series “Admiral”, “Peter the First.

Biography of Anna Kovalchuk

Anna Kovalchuk was born on June 15, 1977 in the German Democratic Republic. Subsequently, the family lived in Moscow. After graduation, Anya planned to enter the Polytechnic college and study cybernetics. But one of her close friends convinced her to apply to a theater university. As a result, Kovalchuk successfully passed the selection, and the parents approved the choice of their daughter.

During her studies, Kovalchuk met her classmate and actor Anatoly Ilchenko, whom she later married. On the theatrical stage, Anna made her debut in her student years, performing one of the roles in the production of “The Imaginary Sick”. Soon she already began to fall out leading roles in various performances of the Lensovet Theater. The actress brilliantly succeeded in performing both comedic and dramatic characters. Gradually, her popularity grew. Ilchenko, meanwhile, moved to live and work in Moscow, and the couple broke up for almost a year, after which Anna and Anatoly decided to get married and live together.

Film career

In 1999, Anna successfully played in the comedy Love is Evil. Shooting in this film was the start of a serious film career as an actress. Even more success was brought to her by her work in the series “Secrets of the Investigation”. And when Kovalchuk became pregnant, the scriptwriter even specially changed the storyline somewhat so that the actress could not stop filming, and the footage with childbirth became part of the television series. Also in those years, Anna starred in various TV series: “Against the Current”, “The Estate”.

The next wave of the actress’s popularity was associated with the release in 2005 of the series “The Master and Margarita”, where Anna got the role of Margarita. However, the joy of success was darkened for Anna by the parting with her husband. Soon with her participation such films and series as Rush Hour, Admiral. The Personal File of Captain Ryumin and Peter the Great. Will”.

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