Crimean bridge in Kerch

Ascent to the main arch
Ascent to the main arch

The Crimean Bridge is a highway and a railway laid over the Kerch Strait and connecting two peninsulas: Tamansky and Crimea. The strait in this place is not so deep, and the feeling that you are driving somewhere high can be caught only at the central point of the bridge, which is raised so that ships can pass under the highway.

The Crimean bridge in Kerch, like any other large crossing, is considered a strategic object. Stops are prohibited on it, all 19 kilometers must be traveled without stopping. This is the longest object in Russia.

History of the Crimean bridge

It is known that for a long time they wanted to connect Kerch and Taman by crossing. Projects were constantly proposed, but then postponed for various reasons. Either there was not enough money, then the decision was considered unsuccessful. They even wanted to build a tunnel under the strait, but nothing came of it.

The Crimean Bridge in Kerch was officially opened in May 2018. President Vladimir Putin congratulated the bridge builders on the completion of the work, and then personally got behind the wheel of a KamAZ and drove along the route at the head of a convoy of 30 trucks. This was a test of the new coating for strength with multi-ton machines. The President covered the path in 16 minutes.

In the first day, 14 thousand cars rushed along the artery, and in the first two months – more than a million. On the night of October 1, 2018, the Crimean bridge started working for the “heavyweights”: the passage of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons was allowed.

Kerch at night
Kerch and Crimean bridge at night


The Bridge itself

It is a pleasure to drive on it on a clear day. The road is wide, so the ride turns into a relaxed car ride. Sea pigeon, dunlin or oystercatcher can fly by you – these are birds from the Red Book of Russia. They and a dozen other species live in the area of ​​the Crimean bridge.

is the longest in Russia
Crimean bridge is the longest in Russia

Want to see the full perspective of the bridge? Then choose one of the points on the mainland from the Crimea. An unusual angle is available directly from the water, for this, rent a jet ski in Kerch. But be careful: there are large ships sailing along the strait.

Bridge in Crimea


Go to the “Kerch” fortress at Cape Ak-Burun. There are three observation platforms with a view of the Crimean bridge. Or climb Mount Mithridates – there is also a great view from here.

The Bridge at different times of the year

In summer, there are beautiful views from the Crimean Bridge. In winter, travelers can see a flock of swans drifting along the piers. Birds fly here for wintering – in Crimea, even in January, there are no severe frosts.

Admire the bridge at night Its central part is lit with bright diodes, and thousands of lanterns are lit along the route.

Bridge in Crimea