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Daria Moroz (born 1983) is a Russian stage and film actress. Winner of the “Moscow debuts” the prize winner of Vera Cold for her role in the movie “Savage”, the winner of the award “Nika” for the best female role in the film “Live and remember” and the best female role of the second plan in the film “Fool”, laureate of the Russian film festival in Honfleur for the best female role in the film “Nanking landscape” and theatrical award “Seagull” in the nomination “Breakthrough” for the role in the play “Live and remember”.

< strong>short biography of Daria Moroz
Daria Moroz was born in Leningrad on September 1, 1983 in the family of actress Marina Levtova and actor and director Yuri Moroz. Due to the fact that Daria grew up in a family of actors, she began acting very early. The first role of little Dasha in the movie took place at the age of three months. At this time, director Dinara Asanova was shooting the film “Dear, dear, beloved, unique.” The plot of the film involved a little boy they were trying to steal. Dasha starred as this boy. So Daria Moroz first came into contact with the amazing world of cinema, and coped with the task very successfully: three-month-old Dasha was swaddled in front of the camera, and she smiled artistically and showed her tongue.

In her interviews, Daria often repeated that she had an unusually happy childhood. “My parents did everything I asked. If I wanted something, everyone bought me. I always had a lot of toys, books, fruits and delicious food. Probably, that’s why many people called me a spoiled girl” ” the grown-up Frost shared her memories. Parents, trying to identify and develop Dasha’s talents, took her to various clubs and sections. The girl was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics for a long time, but a stern coach advised her to take the child, because he did not see any prospects for her. But in figure skating, painting and animation, Dasha showed herself well and achieved some success.

Already as a child, Daria often starred in films. The comedy of Sergey Nikonenko “The Family Man”, the political detective of Yuri Moroz “Black Square”, the drama of Sergey Ursulyak “Russian Ragtime” – the busy filming of these films forced Dasha to skip classes for a long time. Teachers joked: they say, when their student will make the school famous with an Oscar. Nevertheless, in his youth, Frost was not firmly convinced that she would connect her future with acting. We must pay tribute to the parents who left the choice of profession for their daughter.

By the time of graduation, George Danelia approved Daria for the first major role in the film “Fortune”. It was “Fortune” that Daria always considered her real debut in a big movie. The day after the premiere (February 27, 2000), a tragedy occurred: celebrating the success, the Morozov family, together with the actor couple Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova, decided to ride a snowmobile. One of them, where Daria and her mother Marina Levtova were sitting, fell into a ravine. Daria escaped with fractures, but Marina Viktorovna could not be saved.

Between 2001 and 2003, Moroz received quite a few offers. The audience remembered her for the film by Yuri Pavlov “Wild Woman”, the detective TV project “Female Logic” by Eldor Urazbayev, for the TV series “Cobra”, “Salome”, “Theater Blues”, “Kamenskaya-2” and “Women in a Game without rules”, directed by her father Yuri Moroz.

In 2003, Daria passed her final exams at the Moscow Art Theater School, having completed the course of Dmitry Brusnikin and Roman Kozak. During her studies, Moroz began to play in the productions of the O. Tabakov Studio Theater and the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Her stage success was awarded the “Moscow Debuts” award. After graduating from the institute, the actress joined the Chekhov troupe, where she already managed to play in many productions. In 2005, Daria graduated from the production Department of the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors in the workshop of Vladilen Arsenyev.

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