Daria Sagalova

Daria Sagalova

Daria Sagalova – Russian theater and film actress, was born on December 14, 1985 in the city of Podolsk, Moscow region.

Childhood of Daria Sagalova

Having learned to walk, little Dasha showed a great ability to dance movements, and grandmother, seeing such a passion for her granddaughter, decided to take her to a choreographic studio. Showing perseverance and perseverance, the girl became a soloist in a dance group and performed at many festivals.

In the Podolsk gymnasium, Sagalova studied for “good” and “excellent” marks, graduating with a silver medal. Dasha’s parents did not approve of her love of dancing, they considered it a waste of time and a frivolous occupation. Mom and dad insisted that their daughter go to the academy and study finance.


With husband Konstantin Maslennikov
With husband Konstantin Maslennikov

She did so, but besides that, she was also enrolled in the University of Culture. Sagalova did not want to give up her favorite choreography in any way. When Dasha danced at one of the festivals, of which there were several dozen during her dance career, she was noticed and made an offer to try her hand at the theater stage. She agreed and played in her first performance.

After receiving a university degree with honors, she organized her own dance school, in which she began to teach children. By this time, she already had experience in show ballet and first place in Dancing with the Stars.

In addition, the men’s magazine “Maxim” recognized her as the most attractive girl in the country, having published a photo on its pages, where Dasha is depicted as either the Snow Maiden or Mrs. Santa Claus.

Daria Sagalova

Youth and the beginning of a theatrical career

Being the most gifted and active pupil, Daria Sagalova constantly participates in various productions, most of which are shown at regional and city choreographic competitions. Once she is invited to a larger event – a festival, where they will have to demonstrate to the general public one of the prepared productions. And it was there that a young and talented girl met the famous Oleg Butakhin, who at that time was the director of the State Theater of Film Actor. Noting the extraordinary abilities of the girl, he, without thinking twice, invites her to his theater for the role of Cinderella in the play of the same name. Of course, young Sagalova immediately accepts the invitation, because it is not every day that an 11-grader becomes the main character of such a grand institution as Oleg Butakhin’s theater.

Daria Sagalova in the TV series
Daria Sagalova in the TV series “Happy Together”, as a silly blonde

Since 2003, Daria has been working in the theater of the film actor and takes part in many theatrical performances. The actress herself later admits that, even leaving there in 2011, she still continued to allocate several days of the week to come to her “home”. See the rehearsals of the composition and even sometimes share her experience with young people.

Daria Sagalova

Personal life

Two years after the opening of her dance school, Daria meets Konstantin Maslennikov. Daria and Konstantin fall in love with each other at first sight and after six months decide to legalize the relationship officially, informing the general public about the upcoming luxurious wedding. In the same year, they have a girl named Elizabeth, and four years later. Dasha gives her husband another sweet daughter, who is called the rare and very beautiful name Stephanie.

Daria Sagalova's wedding
Daria Sagalova’s wedding
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