Elena Korikova Russian film actress

Elena Korikova Russian film actress


Elena Korikova is a Russian film actress, who became widely known after the role of a pious serf in the TV series “Poor Nastya”.

She was born on April 12, 1972 in Tobolsk. Her parents divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter. Elena was raised by her mother, ballerina Tatyana Korikova. Korikova’s school years were spent in Rostov-on-Don. After graduation, Lena went to the capital. She entered the acting department of VGIK, the course of director Sergei Solovyov. Offers to act in films fell on a beautiful fragile blonde as soon as she became an entrant. “I was walking up the stairs of the theater institute: I wanted to know what it takes to become an actress. Suddenly two girls grabbed my hands: “Are you an actress?» I said, ” No, but I’ll be there soon.” They caught up with me: “Stop it, you guys! We want to offer you the main role in the movie.”

However, Elena did not play in that film, as soon she received a call from the Dovzhenko film studio and was invited to play the main role in Anatoly Mateshko’s film “Ha-bi-assy” (1990). In this fairy tale for adults, 18-year-old Elena played Masha, who dreams of visiting the sea and one day decides to go on a trip to the south on her own. The film about Soviet youth did not become a hit of the year, but the debut of the young actress Korikova was successful. Since then she appeared in another major role – in the film “I promised, I’ll leave…”.

In this tragedy, she played a sick girl Irina, desperately in love with a Georgian. Then there were works in the romantic series “The Curse of Durand” (1993), the drama of Dmitry Dolinin “Golden Ring – a bouquet of scarlet roses”. Where Elena played Chekhov’s heroine Lipa. One of the most successful roles of the student was the work in the film of her master – “Three Sisters”. In this film adaptation of the famous work of Chekhov, Elena played the role of Irina.

Student life quickly helped Elena to grow up. In addition to the ongoing work in the cinema, in the last years of the university, the girl was pregnant. At the age of 21, in 1993, Elena Korikova became a mother – her son Arseny was born. The birth of the baby did not affect the career. On the contrary, soon Korikova played the Pushkin heroine in the famous film adaptation of “The Young Lady-Peasant” (1995). For which she received a nomination for the “Nika” award.

As a result, after graduating from VGIK, Elena was already an accomplished actress and the mother of two-year-old Arseny. After working a little more in Moscow, Elena decided to try her luck in America. “For three years, my son and I lived in New York and worked. In America, she played the main role in the small film “Alice in the Dungeon”. She became the face of one of the most prestigious beauty salons. “Sometimes I came to Moscow and managed to do something at home.

Returning to her homeland three years later, Elena joined the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. By this time, the audience had already forgotten the actress Korikova. But the first role was a breakthrough. Elena was approved for the main role in the TV series “Poor Nastya” (2004). In this film about social inequality and love in the era of the 19th century, Elena starred as Anna Platonova. Anna Platonova in the film was a serf, but of royal blood. Elena became the embodiment of angelic beauty and goodness on the screen. The original Russian series was broadcast in more than 30 countries around the world, which contributed to the success of the actress. Korikova’s return to the screens was a triumph. Subsequently, she played in other TV series, as well as the films “The Agent in Love”, “Moms”, “The Fullness Complex”.

Korikova was twice married to screenwriter Vladimir Lipskerova and operator of Maxim Osadchiy. But both marriages broke up.

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