Emeralds of Russian Princess Maria Pavlovna

Emeralds of Russian Princess
Russian Princess Maria Pavlovna. The emeralds from the suit (in the lower part of the cocoanut and in the form of pendants on the chest) subsequently began their long journey across the United States

Emeralds of Russian Princess Maria Pavlovna. The famous emerald half-pair Elizabeth Taylor from Bvlgari is often called the “Set of the Russian Princess Maria Pavlovna”. But there are reasons for this. Some believe that this name is used simply for convenience, as the precious set given to Elizabeth by Richard Burton is very similar to the historical jewelry of the Russian aristocracy. Others believe that the name of the semi-parure should be taken literally, since in part these decorations are really connected with the heritage of the Romanovs. And that’s why.

The collection of emeralds of the Russian princess Maria Pavlovna were passed to her son Boris

According to one of the most widespread versions. It is adhered to, for example, by professor of philosophy and famous writer Diana Morgan. Although the set was made in Bvlgari in the 1960s, some (but not all!). Of the stones in it previously belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. As you know, during the revolution, she managed to save most of her jewelry. She sold some of the jewelry for money, and gave the rest to her children.

The collection of emeralds of the Russian princess Maria Pavlovna passed to her son Boris, who, however, very quickly wanted to sell the jewelry to his mother. With a proposal, he turned to the Spanish king Alfonso, but he only laughed at Romanov. Having said that, the days when royal houses could buy such extravagant jewelry are long gone. In part, the Spanish ruler was right. In the end, the emeralds of Maria Pavlovna were not interested in Europe. But they quickly found new amateurs in the US.

The emeralds of the Russian princess Maria Pavlovna were acquired by Elizabeth Taylor

Wealthy American heiresses at that time were ready to buy luxurious jewelry almost on a dispute. As a result, Boris sold his mother’s emeralds to the Cartier jewelry house. In the jewelry house, experts have made magnificent jewelry out of them. Edith Rockefeller was the first American woman to take possession of the Romanov precious stones. The next owner of Maria Pavlovna’s emeralds was Barbara Hutton, a wealthy heiress from the Woolworth family. Cartier has reworked her jewelery with royal stones three times. At first they shone in necklaces, and only then passed into an intricate oriental-style tiara.

Some believe that the stones from this tiara partially adorned Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry. Proponents of the theory argue that the cut has been changed. Of course, this version still raises questions. At least the official origins of the Christie’s auction, which sold Taylor’s jewelry, does not say anything about it. But in any case, the hypothesis is interesting. The semi-parure has become one of the most recognizable pieces in Elizabeth’s collection, and since her death has been auctioned for over $ 23 million.