Evgenia Trofimova

Evgenia Trofimova in the film
Evgenia Trofimova in the film “Cheating”

Evgenia Trofimova is a Russian actress and model. She gained wide popularity thanks to her roles in the films “Summer Rain”, “A Close Enemy” and “On Betrayal”.

The childhood of the actress Evgenia Trofimova

Born June 23, 1983 in Omsk. At the age of eleven, she moved with her parents to the capital. The very next year, Evgenia turned to several modeling agencies. At that time, she was only twelve years old, but she looked much older and had impressive external data, and therefore the Red Stars agency agreed to cooperate with the girl. So a new life of the future actress began.

However, Evgenia had to carefully hide her profession from her father. She told him the whole truth only at the age of 16. During this period of time, the novice model planned to pursue a career abroad, but her company was in no hurry to promote the ward, citing the fact that she had inappropriate facial features.

Then Trofimova independently sent her portfolio to eminent world agencies. She received an offer to work in New York and, perhaps, her fate would have been completely different, but due to the fact that the girl had not yet turned 18, she could not leave. Later, Eugene nevertheless went to Paris, where she was involved in many shows, but, even despite her collaboration with cult fashion designers, she did not succeed in achieving great fame.

Film career

Evgenia Trofimova in the film
Evgenia Trofimova in the film “Summer Rain”

Trofimova’s career in cinema began quite suddenly. In 2001, during the casting for the filming of Alexander Atanesyan’s melodrama “Summer Rain”, one of the agencies sent Evgenia’s portfolio to the director, while she herself was engaged in screenings abroad. Atanesyan liked the girl’s appearance, she arrived on the last day of the audition and got the main role.

In parallel with her work on the set, the actress had to prepare for school final exams. But she liked the process of making the film so much that she decided to pursue a career in cinema and after school entered the Moscow State University at the theater department, where her main teacher was Vitaly Konyaev from the Maly Theater.

Personal life and family

Evgenia Trofimova in the film
Evgenia Trofimova in the film “A Close Enemy”

Even in her first years, Trofimova married Atanesyan, which caused not only conflicting responses in the press, but also the disapproval of her parents, because the director is thirty years older than Evgenia. In the marriage, the couple had a son, but eight years later they divorced. Eugenia’s acting career developed slowly. Only in 2004 did Trofimova appear in the series Amphibian Man. Sea Devil “, and two years later she played in her husband’s project” UE “. A few years later, the films “Stradivarius Pistol”, “A Close Enemy” and the comedy “On Betrayal”. Also shot by her husband, were released on screens with her participation. The last work of the actress is the painting “Still Alive”. She often spends her free time in a confectionery store, which she opened in Moscow with her friends.