Fountain Singing in Tuapse

Fountain Singing in Tuapse
Fountain Singing in Tuapse. Tall water columns are illuminated with colorful lights and pulsate to music. All tourists try to see this evening show. The Singing Fountain on the October Revolution Square in Tuapse is one of the most visited attractions of the resort.

The water jets reach a height of 18 meters. The fountain consists of 200 nozzles that release water under pressure. The interval between the sound and light show is 20 minutes and then repeats. Classics, retro, and popular modern music sound here.

The fountain was built according to the dry principle: without the use of a bowl in the classic version. The technical structure is underground, so in the heat, vacationers calmly walk between water jets.

History of the Fountain Singing in Tuapse

The Singing Fountain was opened in Tuapse in May 2012. It is built in such a way that the water is thrown out not chaotically, but in a certain order to the music. All this is due to the work of light filters, which illuminate the jets, emphasizing the sounding notes.

If you look at the Singing Fountain from above (for example, make a video using a drone), you can see an unusual pulsing pattern. The “water light music” system works like a clock and is controlled by a remote computer.

Fountain Singing in Tuapse

What to see

50 meters from the musical fountain in Tuapse is the seashore, which makes the walk especially pleasant. During the day, people here hide from the heat, and in the evening they are going to watch a light and music show. The embankment at this time becomes especially romantic, it is no coincidence that couples in love often make dates near the singing fountain.

Where to take a beautiful photo

Evening shots at the fountain will turn out to be fabulous. But the camera does not always shoot well in the dark, so it is better to make a video that will also record the sounding melody.

On daytime photos there will be a fountain against the background of a beautiful well-groomed area.

Playful shots will be obtained if someone takes you running between streams of water.