Igor Petrenko

Igor Petrenko

Igor Petrenko is a Russian theater and film actor. He is widely known for his roles in the films “Star”, “Driver for Vera”, “Carmen” and the TV series “Hero of Our Time”, “Cadets”.

Film “Viking” 2016

short biography

Born August 23, 1977 in Potsdam (GDR). His father was a military man, and his mother worked as a translator. A few years after the birth of their son, they moved to live in Moscow. As a child, Igor did not pay much attention to his studies at school, devoting more time to sports hobbies, in particular, various types of wrestling.

The history of his conviction is connected with this period in Petrenko’s life. At the age of fifteen, he became an accomplice in a murder. Together with a friend, they borrowed a large sum of money from their friend and, being unable to pay off, decided to shoot their friend. For more than a year, Petrenko was in jail, and the trial took place only five years later. Considering that he was not only a minor, but also a junior participant in the crime, and taking into account all the positive reviews, Igor was sentenced to eight years probation.

Petrenko Igor in the film
Petrenko Igor in the film “Carmen”

After graduating from school, Petrenko could not decide on the choice of a further path and went to the Schepkinsky school for the company with a friend. Unexpectedly for himself and those around him, Igor was successfully enrolled in students. Then he met his first wife – actress Irina Leonova.

Once they were even almost expelled from the first year together due to academic failure, but nothing happened. And already in 2000, the couple began to play on the same stage of the Maly Theater, where they spent a total of a couple of years. The tension in the relationship between the spouses gradually grew, and in the end they broke up.

In childhood
In childhood

debut in the cinema

In the same period, Igor made his debut in the cinema – the actor starred in the TV series “Black Room”. From that moment on, his film career began to develop smoothly, and soon, with the participation of Petrenko, the full-length films “Conditioned Reflex” and “Star” were released, the second brought great fame to the actor. And on the set of the next series, Petrenko met his second wife, actress Ekaterina Klimova.

Film “Taras Bulba”

In subsequent years, Igor starred in a number of notable films and series, including “Carmen”, “Cadets”, “Name days”, “Driver for Vera”, “Wolfhound”, “Taras Bulba”. For some of these roles, Igor Petrenko was awarded the Nika and Triumph prizes. Among the last works of the actor are the series “Breakaway” and the picture “Dreams from Plasticine”. In addition, the series “Sherlock Holmes” is expected to be released soon, where Petrenko will play the main role of the legendary detective.

Igor Petrenko

All filmography

  1. Ad Libitum Corporation – 2021
  2. Pilgrim – 2019
  3. Salvation Union – 2019
  4. Winter – 2018
  5. Alien Daughter – 2018
  6. Liquidation decision – 2018
  7. Frontier – 2018
  8. Sleepers – 2017
  9. Viking – 2016
  10. Black cat – 2016
  11. Alchemist – 2015
  12. The Last Janissary – 2015
  13. Born a Star – 2015
  14. Cancellation of all restrictions – 2014
  15. Dear – 2013
  16. Daddy for rent – 2013
  17. 7 main desires – 2013
  18. Dreams from plasticine – 2012
  19. Detachment – 2011
  20. “Cedar” pierces the sky – 2011
  21. Robinson – 2010
  22. We are from the future 2 – 2010
  23. Lucky Pashka – 2010
  24. Everyone has their own war – 2010
  25. Taras Bulba – 2009
  26. Hero of Our Time – 2009
  27. Forbidden Reality – 2009
  28. Taras Bulba – 2009
  29. When you don’t expect her at all – 2007
  30. Wolfhound – 2006
  31. Driver for Faith – 2004
  32. Carmen – 2003
  33. Best City on Earth – 2003
  34. Star – 2002
  35. Black Room – 2000
  36. Starfish Cavaliers
Film “Driver for Faith” 2004
Shot from the film A Hero of Our Time
Shot from the film A Hero of Our Time
With Christina Brodskaya wife and children
With Christina Brodskaya wife and children
With ex-wife Ekaterina Klimova
With ex-wife Ekaterina Klimova
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