Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio

Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio
Medallion Cat. Silver, hot enamel, leather cord. Ilya Palkin’s workshop in Kostroma.

Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio. Jewelery craft in the Kostroma land was started at the beginning of the second millennium. One of the successors of local jewelery traditions were the masters of the Ilya Palkin Jewelery Studio.

The founder of the studio Ilya Palkin and his wife Vera created a unique style based on the motives of Russian folk art.

The masters’ creations are based on elements of embroidery, Russian painting, woodcarving, and even African tattoos. By studying traditional Russian forms, ornaments, subjects, the authors give them a new sound.

Brooch “Dog-Watchdog”

The masters and artists of the studio revive and develop precisely the folk, hand-made jewelry art of the Kostroma region, with its inherent originality.

The works of the artists express a rich spiritual world, extraordinary imagination, perfectly convey the possibilities of metal and specific jewelry casting techniques.

Jewelry is created from gold and silver using the traditional technique of hot enamel and natural stones.

The silver figurines radiating joy show the fusion of ancient Slavic and Finno-Ugric images with illustrations of fairy tales.

Archaic castings with bright enamel spots are pleasing to the eye and hands tired of computer molds.

Hand-made, warm, recognizable studio decorations can add color, revitalize your image, cheer you up and make you smile!

Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio
Jewelry souvenir. Bayun cat, silver, hot enamel

Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio. Jewelery craft in the Kostroma

Ilya Palkin’s jewelry studio, presented under the brand name “Russian Enamel”, is a creative duet of two remarkable jewelers Ilya and Vera Palkin. The studio is located in the city of Kostroma, one of the oldest Russian centers of jewelry art. Works of the studio (the language does not dare to call them “products”) are handmade designer jewelry made of silver with hot enamel. Each product is 100% handmade, so by purchasing it, you get an absolutely unique and inimitable piece of jewelry.

Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio
Ring Flowers. Ilya Palkin Jewelry Studio

The stylistics of most of the silver jewelry created in the studio is a creatively rethought ethnic “Russian” style. Among the adornments there are silver pendants in the form of heroes of Russian fairy tales, silver earrings with traditional patterns and silver rings with enamel painting in the “primitivist” style.

In short, if you are looking for a combination of silver and enamel, created in a unique style, then silver jewelry with handmade enamel from the studio of Ilya Palkin will certainly interest you.