Irina Pegova

The thinner Irina Pegova
The thinner Irina Pegova

Irina Pegova on the stage of the theater

Irina first appeared on the stage of the theater in 2001, when she became one of the members of the theater group “Workshop P. Fomenko”. Irina Pegova was immediately noticed by directors and directors, and from the first days in the theater she was approved for roles in performances. After working for five years with Petr Fomenko, Irina decided not to stop there and move further up the career ladder.

Irina Andreevna in 2004 met Oleg Tabakov, and began to work in a theater studio under his leadership. It was thanks to Tabakov that the actress received her first Golden Mask for her role in the play Uncle Vanya.

To this day, Irina continues to work in the studio of O. Tabakov and is happy to go out on the stage so beloved for many years. Pegova can be seen in such performances as The Marriage of Figaro, The Story of a Happy Moscow, Uncle Vanya and many others.

Irina Pegova

The work under the leadership of the talented Oleg Tabakov brought the actress an impressive number of awards, including the Golden Mask, Best Female Role, and Crystal Turandot.

Today Irina Pegova is one of the best performers in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. The most outstanding and decisive year for Irina was 2012. She was awarded the Mironov Prize in the Best of the Best nomination for her excellent performance of roles on the stage of the theater for three years.
Filmography of Irina Andreevna Pegova.


As soon as she graduated from GITIS, Irina Pegova immediately appeared on television. As an actress, she took place in 2002, having played a small role in the movie “Spartak and Kalashnikov”.

The first main role of the actress, she is the most famous and brought her fame, in the film “Walk”, which conquered the audience immediately after its release on the screen, in 2003. The film was directed by A. Uchitel. For this role, Irina received another award for achievements in the field of cinema “Golden Eagle”, and was also awarded the prize and participated in the award ceremony at the festival “Window to Europe”.

The actress continued to work for a long time under the guidance of Alexei Uchitel. Another wave of success awaited Irina after starring in the film “Space as a Premonition”.
Irina Andreevna often mentions in interviews that she always tried to avoid roles in TV shows or small episodes. The exceptions to this rule were the TV series “Savior under the Birches” and “Girlfriend of Special Purpose”. After a while, the actress revised her views and changed her mind about minor roles. It was then that famous filmmakers began to take an interest in serials.

Irina Pegova

Irina managed to act in almost all genres, and in each picture we can observe how the role of the actress is radically changing.
Every year more and more films with Irina’s participation can be watched on TV screens. In 2014, Pegova brilliantly played the main roles in such films as “Lonely Hearts” and “I Leave You Love”.

The actress can be seen not only in military tragedies and romantic melodramas, but also in several films with an 18+ restriction. Irina Pegova starred in scenes of an erotic nature in the films “Space as a Premonition”, “Zoya”, “Tankers Don’t Leave Their Own”.

Irina Andreevna’s busy and busy schedule did not prevent her from becoming a participant in 2015, and then a finalist of the show project “Dancing with the Stars” in tandem with Andrey Kozlovsky.
At the end of 2016, viewers saw more than eight new paintings with the participation of Irina Pegova. Among them are the melodrama “House for rent with all the inconveniences”, the series “Doctor Richter”, the action drama “The Crew”, the comedy film “Super Bobrovs” and others.

2017 began for Irina with filming in the military series “Commissar”, where Pegova will try on the role of Galina Semyonovna, and will lead the post of the head of the police department. Delving deeper into the course of the investigation of the crime, Galina realizes that her son Ilya, brilliantly played by Maxim Emelyanov, is involved in this. Immediately after the release of the screens, the film was received by viewers with a bang and appreciated.

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