Karina Razumovskaya Russian film actress

Karina Razumovskaya Russian film actress
Karina Razumovskaya Russian film actress

Karina Razumovskaya – Russian theater and film actress, famous for the TV series “Adjutants of Love”, “Blessed”, “The Other Side of the Moon”, etc.


I rode with my mother in the Leningrad metro and did not sing something childish
. I sang the song of Viktor Tsoi “Blood group on the sleeve”, and then Vyacheslav Butusov “Alain Delon does not drink cologne…”. There was a man in the car who heard me and apparently saw something in the blonde girl with blue eyes. Well, then the question is: “Do you want to act in a movie?» So I got to the shooting of the film “Braking in the Sky” with Nina Ruslanova in the title role. “Although I had a completely episodic role,” the actress recalls. After graduation, she was accepted into the famous Bolshoi Drama Theater named after G. A. Tovstonogov.

Karina made her film debut in her sophomore year, playing in Yuri Kuzin’s film “The Ark” (2002). She embodied on the screen the image of a young provincial young lady who dreams of high feelings and a real man. She falls in love with the hero Yevgeny Sidikhin-a tough spiker, and throws herself into this pool of love with her head. This was followed by a role in the comedy “The Story of the Spring Draft” (2003). Her heroine Svetka Ni does not want her boyfriend to be taken to the army and comes up with a plan to “excuse” her lover from serving in the army. The insidious Svetka decides to seduce the major from the military enlistment office, and then blackmail him, but the plan suddenly collapses.

Karina Razumovskaya Russian film actress

She embodied the role of the good-natured orphan Olga Lopukhina – a sincere girl who follows the dictates of her heart. “The role of Olga Lopukhina has become a landmark for me.” The role of Alexandra in the feature film “Blessed” in 2008 won the silver Remi Award at the Worldfest Film Festival in Houston (USA).
For me, the role of Alexandra was quite difficult both psychologically and physically,” Karina admits. In this drama by Sergei Strusovsky, “The Blessed One” (2008), Razumovskaya created the image of an artist who comes to Moscow to learn how to draw and meet a loved one. And as a result, the metropolitan life teaches the “blessed” something completely different. In Andrey Selivanov’s melodrama “Vicissitudes of Fate” (2008), Karina also played a sincere heroine – Anna Alekseeva. The heroine of the film had to raise two young children of her dead sister. And in the melodrama of the novel Prosvirnin “Ring my Doorbell” (2008) – she played the role of the heroine Polina, who survived the death of her parents, poverty and betrayal.

One of her most famous roles is in Alexander Kott’s highly rated television series The Other Side of the Moon (2012), a remake of the BBC series Life on Mars. Karina Razumovskaya got the role of the mother of the main character, who falls in 1979. Despite the fact that Karina became famous for the series, she treats them carefully. “I treat our series specifically, I try to participate in them as little as possible. Only if I liked something – the script, the director, the role. I refuse a very large number of TV series, and of course, we need to learn from foreign ones, ” she admits. Karina is a popular actress in both cinema and theater. She was married to actor Artem Karasev, but the couple divorced.

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2013: Dark mazes of the Past, Vangelia
2012: Only about love, One for All, The Other side of the Moon, Undercover
2011 Pandora’s Box
2010 Decoy
2009: My, House for two, Everything is not accidental, Sea Devils. Destinies, Blood is not water
2008: Vicissitudes of Fate, Blessed, Where love lives
2005 Adjutants of Love
2004 Kindred Exchange

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2002 Ark
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