Katerina Shpitsa

Katerina Shpitsa

Katerina Shpitsa is a Russian theater and film actress. Best known for her leading role in the disaster film Metro, as well as for the TV series Katya. Military history “,” Real boys “,” Adam and the transformation of Eve “and others.

Short biography of Katerina Shpitsa

Her father was a miner and her mother worked as a lawyer. From the age of thirteen, the girl attended the local theater studio “KOT”. And after school she entered the Perm Institute of Culture and Arts. However, at that time she did not think seriously about her acting career and “just in case” received her legal education in absentia.

Fate decreed that, at the age of nineteen, Katerina was unexpectedly approved for the main role in the film “Adam and the Transformation of Eve.”  It happened by chance. A student, returning from vacation, on the way home stopped in the capital to save money for a ticket to Perm.

“That was the first time I worked in Moscow. A friend of my family, photographer Alexei Vasiliev, took me as a company for a casting of models, where I was offered to work as a dancer. There I was noticed, invited to try on the “Star Factory”. I flew in the second round, which I do not regret, – recalls Katerina. – At the same time, the modeling agency offered me a contract. Of course, it was more convenient for me to live in Perm. I was under the wing of my mom and dad, everything is nearby – the library, the institute, the theater – and everything my own, dear. ”

Katerina Shpitsa

Modeling career

Katerina began to cooperate with a modeling agency, and six months later she auditioned for the film “Adam and the Transformation of Eve.” Director Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich took the young actress for the main role. So, in 2004, Spitsa made her debut on the screens in the form of an inexperienced provincial Eva, who comes to conquer the capital by entering a medical institute. Desperate to find a job, she joins a syndicate of florists. In order for her bright appearance not to interfere with trade, the girl changes clothes as a boy, but one day she meets her Adam. Following Katerina Shpitsa appeared in the television series “Happy Together”, “Matchmaker”, “Trace”, “Travelers”. “Princess of the Circus”, “Blue Nights”, “Tanks are not afraid of dirt.” For five years of work, she has become a sought-after actress.

Katerina Shpitsa

Film carrer

In 2009, Spitza got the main role in the TV series Katya. This series is about the war, thanks to her role in the series, the actress has achieved widespread recognition. She embodied the image of a romantic girl whose life is spoiled by the war. The heroine suffers loss, separation, hardship, but continues to hope and love. The project had a noticeable success among the television audience, which was the reason for the creation of the sequel “Katya 2” (2010). Later, Spitz’s track record was replenished with a number of popular TV series: “Witchcraft Love 2”, “Lawyers”. “Frozen Dispatch”, “Real Boys”, “Dove”, “Moscow.

A year later, she got the most successful role in her film career, the role of Alice in the disaster film Metro, which brought her great fame. The film tells about the fate of metro passengers who are trapped in an impending flood. The powerful flow of water from the Moskva River threatens not only to bring down the metro tunnels. But also to destroy the entire city.

During the filming of Metro, twenty-seven-year-old Katerina learned that she was expecting a baby. By the time the film premiered, Spitsa had a son from his husband, Konstantin Adaev, an actor and stuntman.

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