Konstantin Khabensky Russian film actor, film director

Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky
Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky made his film debut in 1994 in the film “Who Will God Send”, where he appeared in a cameo role. Later in the cinema, Konstantin had a break of 3 years. And since 1997, he began to appear in such projects as: “Destructive Force”, “Empire under attack”, “Home for the rich”, “Cuckoo”, etc. In 2000 he received his first nomination for “Best Actor” in the film “Home for the rich”.

In the TV series Deadly Force, he played the main role. And it was this series that opened the actor as a professional. He gained fans, and directors began to invite them to new projects. And then Konstantin began to appear in many successful films: “Night Watch”, “Own”, “State Councilor”, “White Guard”, “Rush Hour”, “Admiral”, “Rasputin”, etc.

He was also not only popular in Russia, but Hollywood often invited him to his paintings. So he appeared in such projects as: “Spy, get out!”, “Wanted”, “War of the Worlds Z”, etc. The actor himself admits that he is pleased to collaborate with Hollywood projects, as he met many talented and good people.

Since the 2010s, it has also been at its peak of popularity. The directors loved to work with Konstantin and therefore all the projects where Khabensky appeared brought overwhelming success: “Petr Leshchenko. Everything that was … “,” Method “,” Good Boy “, ” Trotsky “,” Sobibor “, etc.

Konstantin Khabensky – Russian theater and film actor, film director

Konstantin is considered one of the most successful actors. He is in demand in his profession, directors dream of an actor in their project. And fans are waiting with awe for new films, where their favorite artist will appear again. Every year his filmography is replenished with successful projects, and he spends a lot of time on the set. In his filmography there are more than 80 roles in films, but this is not the limit.

Konstantin is a very modest artist and therefore never talks about his personal life. In 1999 the actor met Anastasia Smirnova. The girl worked as a journalist. In 2001, the lovers got married. And 6 years later, a joyful event happened in their family – the birth of their first child. Konstantin did everything to cure his wife. But soon in 2008, his wife Anastasia died.

For 5 years, Konstantin was engaged in a son, a career, was closed in himself and was acutely worried about the loss of his mother. At that time, the actor was saved by the work where he spent most of the time. In 2013, information appeared that Konstantin was in a secret relationship with actress Olga Litvinova. Soon, the couple secretly signed. In 2016 and in 2019, his wife bore Konstantin two daughters.

The eldest son, Ivan, lives with his grandmother, on his mother’s side, in Barcelona. Despite the great distance, Konstantin is always in touch. The actor does everything so that his son does not need anything. During the holidays, Ivan flies to his father in the capital to spend more time together.