Lyubov Tolkalina is a Russian theater and film actress

Lyubov Tolkalina

Lyubov Tolkalina was born on February 16, 1978 in a family of ordinary workers, Ryazan region. The girl grew up in an ordinary family. Since childhood, Lyubov was fond of synchronized swimming and wanted to devote her whole life to this sport. As a teenager, the girl worked in the theater on the water for children. And even participated in the production on the water. At the age of 16, Lyubov became a master of sports in synchronized swimming.

After graduating from high school, she went to enroll in Moscow. So, the girl became a student of VGIK. Lyubov graduated from the higher educational institution in 1999.

She immediately began working in the theater of the Russian Army. After working for some time, she went to another theater “Empire of Stars”. But later I realized that I did not want to connect my life only with the theater and decided to try myself in the cinema.

Her debut in cinema happened in 1999, when she was still studying at the university. Love took part in the film “The Recluse”. The young actress had a lull and was not invited to any projects. However, popularity came to her in 2002, when the actress appeared in a small role in the film “Antikiller”, directed by Yegor Konchalovsky. And already in the second season of the same film Tolkalina became the main character and then the fame fell on the actress.

Lyubov Tolkalina is a Russian theater and film actress

After these two films, Lyubov appeared in the following projects: “Sins of the Fathers”, “Russian Medicine”, “Escape”, “Waiting for a Miracle”, “Crazy Angel”, “Bachelorette Party”, etc.

The actress has more than 90 films on her account. It is in demand in the profession. Directors want to shoot her in their projects, and colleagues speak of Tolkalina as a kind, bright and positive person. Love a professional approach to the role, playing different characters.

In parallel with filming in the cinema, the actress also actively appears on the stage of the theater.

With the actor Dmitry Marianov, they were connected not only by creative relations, since they starred in the film spouses together in both plays and films, but also by friendly ones. The actors were very friendly and always shared their life circumstances.

Together with Dmitry, she played in such productions as: “Unreal Show”, “Our Human friends” , etc. And together they starred in such projects as: “Russian medicine”, “Cordon investigator Savelyev”, “Holiday locked up”, etc.

In the near future, Love will appear in several projects: “Adoption Clinic”, “Eternal Cold”, “Mixed Up”, “Very feminine Stories”, etc.

In the personal life of the actress, everything was stable until 2017. While still a young actress, she was brought together by the case of Yegor Konchalovsky. At that time, he was already a talented and well-known director. Love together with a friend went on a date with him. Her friend was supposed to meet Yegor.

But after that meeting, the man fell in love with Tolkalina and from that moment their romantic relationship began. Despite the significant age difference (Egor is 13 years older than the actress) they looked like a happy couple. Although there were always some misunderstandings in their family, as they often broke up and got back together.

In 2001, Lyubov gave Konchalovsky a daughter, Maria. Despite the fact that they lived together for about 20 years, but they were never officially registered. In 2017, Tolkalina shared the news with her fans: Lyubov and Yegor broke up, but remained on good terms, as they have a daughter and many wonderful memories.

What is happening now in the personal life of the actress is unclear. Love itself does not comment on this aspect of life in any way. After parting with Konchalovsky, the press constantly attributed novels to her. However, all this remained at the level of rumors and nothing more.

The actress actively maintains a social page on Instagram.