Nadezhda Bakhtina

Nadezhda Bakhtina

The beautiful Nadezhda Bakhtina is constantly mistaken for a gypsy, her appearance is very bright, gypsy, and the roles are appropriate. But she responds to requests to “tell fortunes” with a refusal, because she does not want to fool people. However, acting is, in some way, akin to a gypsy fortune-telling.

Biography of Nadezhda Bakhtina

Nadezhda Bakhtina was born on August 14, 1979 in the Moscow region in a large family. The mother-pediatrician and the father-linguist, were born, as in a fairy tale, four sons and a sweetheart daughter. Since childhood, Nadya’s daughter seemed to everyone that she was a creative person: she drew, danced, wrote poetry, sang, learned to play the guitar, and at school evenings she shone, performing a gypsy girl with an exit. Nadya recalls: “Once I realized that I had nothing to wear to the New Year’s party, I found a bright blouse, a long fluffy skirt, inserted an artificial rose into my hair – at the holiday I was a gypsy. And then more than once I was asked to perform a gypsy dance ”.

At the age of 14, the girl enrolled in a theater studio at the House of Culture, and the picture of her future profession became clear: Nadezhda decided to become an actress. But the parents, who encouraged their daughter’s creative pursuits, were not happy with the choice of a career and in every possible way persuaded Nadia to change her mind and enter, for example, the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and become, like her father, a translator. But Nadezhda was adamant.

The failure at admission did not break her either – after all, the girl almost did not prepare, she was sure that classes in the House of Culture and her own talents were enough for success. For the second attempt, Bakhtina prepared more thoroughly and, as a result, in 1997 she became a student at the Higher Theater School named after I. B.V. Shchukin, affectionately referred to by students and theatergoers as “Pike”. Already in her second year, Nadezhda made her debut in a small role in the legendary performance of the theater. Vakhtangov “Princess Turandot”.

The beginning of an acting career

Nadezhda Bakhtina
Nadezhda Bakhtina in the TV series Carmelita

While studying at “Pike” Nadezhda, together with several classmates, organized their own theater company, calling it “Shchukin’s children”. Young actors staged various performances, played in them, and by the end of the course, each of them had accumulated a worthy baggage of performed roles, and the company was transformed into a small theater “Tragifars”. Nadia was the star of this theater, played the leading roles: Margarita in The Master and Margarita, Marina Mnishek in Boris Godunov, Klimentin in Forget Herostratus, Phiney in The Fool. In parallel with theatrical work, the first roles in the cinema appeared.

The role of the gypsy woman in films

The image that made Nadezhda Bakhtina famous is the role of the gypsy Lucita in the TV series “Carmelita”. The acting duet Nadezhda Bakhtina-Lucita and Alexander Koltsov-Rych (Bogdan) were called the most temperamental couple of the project. It was after playing the role of Lucita that a large army of fans of the series believed that Nadia was of gypsy blood. And the actress also loves to play love. He says that he feels comfortable and organic in a love theme, so much so that her husband, actor Alexander Nikitin, is jealous.

Here it is, the power of art and reincarnation. After Carmelita, Nadezhda Bakhtina repeatedly returned to the image of a gypsy woman, for example, she played one of the main roles in Alexei Pimanov’s TV series Gypsies: based on real events, the life story of two gypsy sisters Olga (Nadezhda Bakhtina) and Alexandra, which takes place after the end of Velikaya Patriotic War.

The audience celebrates Bakhtina’s excellent embodiment of the images of Natalia Goncharova (Pushkin. The Last Duel) and Nadezhda Alliluyeva (Stalin. Live). The actress considers tragedy as her favorite genre, and dreams of a friendly family and creative realization. She loves to travel not only abroad, but also in her native Altai. For Nadezhda Bakhtina, Russia is the most beautiful country, a place where Nadia is in demand and is happy.