Natalya Rudova

Natalya Vadimovna Rudova is a Russian film actress
Natalya Vadimovna Rudova is a Russian film actress

Natalya Rudova is a Russian film actress. Natalia was born in 1983, on July 2, in the city of Pakhtakor in Uzbekistan. At first, Natalya Rudova did not think about the career of an actress, but Natalya began to show more and more creative abilities. The Anna was engaged in dancing, took an active part in competitions, concerts, began to go to the theater circle.

After school, Natalya entered the Ivanovo Theater School. After graduation, Natalya Rudova, like many other young talents, went to live in the capital of Russia. Natalya Rudova got a job as a manager in one of the sports stores, then she managed to work as a photo model for various magazines, starred with Nikolai Fomenko in social advertising.

All her free time, Natalia Rudova tried to attend auditions, trying to get closer to her cherished dream. And luck smiled at her! The actress was approved for a cameo role in the series “Prima Donna” by Olga Sidorova. This small role was the beginning of Natalia’s career. Then she plays supporting roles in the TV series “The Guide”, “Who’s the Boss in the House?”. Natalia Rudova was noticed and invited to appear in the project of the First Channel – the TV series “Tatiana’s Day”. In the series, Natalya Rudova played the role of a wealthy Muscovite Tatyana Barinova, and performed brilliantly. The actress managed to convey very well all the nuances of a rather complicated and contradictory image.

After the painting “Tatiana’s Day”, the actress takes part in the filming of the series “Travelers”. Among the last works of the actress are the films “The Irony of Love”, “The Devil’s Flower”. So far, Natalya Rudova has not played in the theater, despite the fact that appropriate proposals have been received. The actress would very much like to try herself as a theatrical actress, but so far being busy in the cinema does not allow doing this.

Currently, Natalya Rudova doesn’t want to think about starting family and getting married, she believes that she is not sufficiently prepared for family problems. The main thing for the actress now is her career, which is developing very successfully.