Paulina Andreeva

Paulina Andreeva on the red carpet in a Maison Bohemique dress
Paulina Andreeva on the red carpet in a Maison Bohemique dress, wearing Cartier earrings and bracelet


Paulina Andreeva was born on October 12, 1988 in St. Petersburg. From birth, the name was Catherine, but starting her acting career, she took the pseudonym Paulina. The father is engaged in entrepreneurship, and the mother is in landscape design. The parents have two more sons in addition to their daughter. All childhood and adolescence of the girl was spent on Vasilyevsky Island. Since childhood, the girl was fond of dancing, and also played in school plays in English.

After graduating from school, she decided to enter the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University, but later realized that this was not her calling and was expelled. Then she decided to leave for the capital. At first, she doubted for a long time where she wanted to go, but in the end she became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School.

After graduating from a higher educational institution in 2011, the young actress began to cooperate with the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov.

Paulina Andreeva
Paulina Andreeva wearing Messika earrings

Film career of Paulina andreeva

Palina made her film debut in the series Law & Order, where she played a cameo role. But success and fame was brought to the actress by the TV series “The Thaw”, where she reincarnated as a restaurant singer Dinu.

The actress appeared in such films as: “Shot”, “Like Children”, “Gregory R.”, “Sleepers”, “Myths”, “The Demon of the Revolution” and others.

But fame and popularity for Paulina brought her completely different roles. 2015 was a significant year for the actress. She appeared on the screens in the TV series “Locust”, where she played the main role. A girl from a wealthy family fell in love with a simple guy, but due to the fact that the family depends on a wealthy family friend, they cannot build a strong relationship. However, even marriage to an influential person cannot keep lovers from being in love. Their passion develops into a fatal attraction and leads to dangerous consequences.

Also in 2015, Paulina starred in the TV series Method, where she reappears in the title role. She played the role of a partner of a professional investigator, learning from him the intricacies of the profession. Actor Konstantin Khabensky became a partner in the series.

Paulina Andreeearrings, ring and bracelets
Paulina Andreeva wearing Tiffany & Co. earrings, ring and bracelets

In 2019, Paulina appeared on the screens in the series “Better than People”, where she reincarnated as a robot. She also took part in the filming of the comedy series “Lovers”.

Fans of the actress will soon be able to see her in such projects as: “Method-2”, “47”, “Like children”, etc.

Andreeva also decided to try herself in a new role and decided to try her hand at directing. In 2019, she made her directorial debut and presented the short film Cry with You to everyone. This project was noticed at the “Kinotavr” and even received an award “For the accurate reproduction of black in comedy.”

Personal life

As you know, even in her student years, Paulina conquered the talented actor Vladimir Mashkov. Their romance was bright and romantic, but not long lasting.

Paulina Andreeva in a dress from Dior
Paulina Andreeva in a dress from Dior

Since 2016, it became known that Paulina began dating Fyodor Bondarchuk. He just divorced his wife, Svetlana Bondarchuk, after 25 years of marriage, but was not alone for long. Paulina struck him with her beauty and confidence. Often they began to appear together at social events and did not hide their feelings. In September 2019, the couple legalized their relationship. A luxurious celebration took place in a historic St. Petersburg building. Despite the decent age difference (Fedor is 20 years older than Paulina), the actors are happy and harmonious in relationships.

Paulina Andreeva in a dress from Balmain
Paulina Andreeva in a dress from Balmain

Paulina’s first significant film role was the role of the singer Dina in the TV series Thaw (2013) directed by Valery Todorovsky. Moreover, the actress performed the most famous song from this series herself. The composer Konstantin Meladze chose Andreeva, and not a professional singer. Paulina actually never studied music, and she studied vocals only as part of the Studio School program, but Konstantin Meladze really liked her voice. Also significant works in the career of the actress were: the main role in the film “Locust” (2013) directed by Yegor Baranov and an acting duet with Konstantin Khabensky in the series “Method” (2015).

in a dress by Alexandre Vauthier
Paulina Andreeva in a dress by Alexandre Vauthier