Russian actress Anastasia Sivaeva

Russian actress Anastasia Sivaeva
Beautiful Russian actress Anastasia Sivaeva

Promising Russian actress Anastasia Sivaeva was born on November 10, 1991 in Moscow. Since the age of 5 the girl was involved in dancing, performing in a folk dance group “Zorenka”. Since the age of 7, Nastya became a member of child modeling theater of Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev. In addition, Anastasia was the winner of numerous competitions. In 2000 she was a part of “Step-House” modeling agency of Alexei Bulanov. Anastasia learned acting, catwalk, dancing, acrobatics, and juggling. The talented and bright girl was noticed, and she was given a role in the TV show “Sesame Street”.

actress Anastasia Sivaeva
Pink outfit. Anastasia Sivaeva

In 2003 she played in the film “Words and Music”, directed by Ivan Solovyov. Her partners were famous Russian actors, such as Marat Basharov, Vera Sotnikova, Alexei Guskov, and Amalia Belyaeva. The same year, Anastasia starred in the most famous in Russia TV series for children (director Boris Grachevsky) “The Yeralash”. Besides, Anastasia Sivaeva was filmed in the music clips, and television plays. But the real fame came to the beautiful actress Anastasia Sivaeva after her participation in sitcom “Daddy’s Girls”, where she played the role of Darya Vasnetsova.

Anastasia Sivaeva
Brunette beauty Anastasia Sivaeva

In 2010, Anastasia Sivaeva was enrolled in the acting department of the Institute of Modern Management, Film and Television (art studio of Soviet-Russian actors Evgeny Zharikov and Natalya Gvozdikova).

In fact, Anastasia Sivaeva does not like to talk about her personal life. And the lack of information was the reason for all sorts of speculation. One of these rumors, she and her on-screen husband Filipp Bledny – after the wedding of their characters in the sitcom “Daddy’s Girls”, her fans began to suspect the real romantic relations between them. In fact, between Anastasia and Philip was only friendship.

Currently the actress is not married, although has never experienced lack of fans. According to some of her interviews, she is very demanding to the subject of groom’s choice. But she believes that she will meet a man, with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall (Russian saying, meaning a reliable man).

Russian actress Anastasia Sivaeva


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