Russian actress Anna Mikhailovskaya

Anna Mikhailovskaya

Young and promising Russian actress Anna Mikhailovskaya belongs to a new generation of cinema and theater actresses. She is often seen on in two television projects: “Molodezhka” on the CTC and “Karpov. Season Two” on NTV, and her filmography consists of about 30 roles.


Anna Mikhailovskaya was born July 3, 1988, in Moscow. From 1995 to 2005 she studied at the state secondary school number 827 (with gymnasium and lyceum classes). Since childhood Anya was fond of choreography and made ​​significant progress in this field, becoming a candidate for master of sports in dancing. On one of her workouts she was noticed by “Mosfilm” producers, who were looking for an actress for the film “The Most Beautiful”.

Anna Mikhailovskaya
Angel in the heart, 2012

After shooting in the series ‘most beautiful’ Anya decided on her future profession and in 2005 entered the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after SA Gerasimov, from which she graduated in 2009. Since 2009 – the actress of Moscow City Council Theatre.

In 2008 was released “The Most Beautiful”, where the main role is played by Anna Mikhailovskaya. Also in 2008, in December Anna debuted at the Moscow Drama Theater of Yermolova in the play “Alexander Pushkin” (director V. Bezrukov.), where she plays with Sergei Bezrukov the major role – Natalia Goncharova.

Anna Mikhailovskaya

The filmography of Anna Mikhailovskaya:

  1. Night shift 2018
  2. Hillbilly 2014
  3. A model (mini-series, 2014)
  4. Molodezhka (TV, 2013) Ian Samoilov
  5. Karpov. Season Two (TV series 2013 – …) Lera
  6. Five Stars (2012) Julia
  7. Casting (TV, 2012) Maria Abarova
  8. Angel in the heart (mini-series, 2012) young Xenia
  9. Karpov (TV series 2012 – …) Lera
  10. Who, if not I? (TV, 2012) Rimma
  11. Heart is not stone (TV, 2012) Lida, the younger sister of Tony
  12. Happiness is (TV, 2011) Marina
  13. Paying for Love (TV, 2011) Julia, sister Seeds
  14. Gold (TV, 2011) Xenia Zavidova
  15. Method Laurel (TV series, 2011 – …) Maria Gribova
  16. Last Minute (TV series, 2010) Natalia, daughter Chepurin
  17. Margot 3 (TV series, 2010 – 2011) Natalia Egorova
  18. Barvikha (TV series, 2009 – 2010) Xenia Zavidova
  19. Margot 2 (TV series 2009 – 2010) Natalia Egorova
  20. Margot (TV series, 2009) Natalia Egorova
  21. The most beautiful 2 (mini-series, 2008) Irina Golikova
  22. visyaki (TV, 2008) Asya
  23. Eva (2007) angel; Short
  24. Turetsky Return (TV, 2007) Alice
  25. Law & Order: Division of Operational Investigation (TV series 2006 – 2010) Suzana Salimova
  26. Cadets (TV series 2006 – 2007) Katya girlfriend Trofimov
  27. The most beautiful (mini-series, 2005) Irina Golikova
  28. Minor people (2001)
Anna Mikhailovskaya
“Captain’s-2”, 2019
Film “Hanging”, 2008
“Turkish March”, season 4
“Margosha” series
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