Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova
Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova is without a doubt one of the best loved and most popular actresses in the history of Soviet cinema. She was called a perfect model of a Soviet girl, as well as the first sex symbol of the Land of Soviets. Natalya Selezneva is unique. And we love her for that very reason. Natalia Selezneva was born on June 19, 1945 in Moscow. Her mother was a popular artist, and her father worked in a related industry and was known photographer. Having been born in such a family, she has always been obsessed with creativity. Since childhood, she wrote poems, sang songs, and performed in front of family with an impromptu concert. However, the major role in the fate of future actress played Dame Fortune.
Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

Once, while walking near the walls of the Theatre of the Soviet Army, little Natasha met a famous actor Mikhail Mayorov, who took her hand and led her to audition to the upcoming performance of “30 pieces of silver.” Other members of the jury also liked the little girl. As a result, she got a role in a theatrical production, played for three years.

Natalya Seleznyova ‘ s Carier start

In the mid-fifties in one of the performances the girl was spotted by a well-known writer Agnes Barto, who subsequently insisted on Natasha Selezneva playing in the film adaptation of one of her books – “Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character.” Very soon the talented girl first appeared on the set. Despite the lack of experience of filming, little Natasha coped with her role and later became often receive offers from famous Soviet filmmakers.

In 1956 she starred in the movie “The Girl and the Crocodile,” and five years later in the film “Alenka”. So after graduating from high school Natasha did not doubt what she wants to be in adult life. In 1961, she successfully passed the entrance exams at Shchukin Drama School, where she subsequently became involved in the studio of Boris Zahavi.

baby photography
baby photography

Being a student Natalia Selezneva began to appear in the new films of Soviet cinema. The most successful was the collaboration with director Leonid Gaidai. Their acquaintance began from the film “Operation “Y” and other adventures of Shurik” which instantly brought to “girl Lida” a huge success. In this legendary comedy also stars Alexander Demyanenko, Yuri Nikulin, Georgy Vitsin, Anatoly Morgounov, actress became really well known and popular, and therefore interesting new roles didn’t wait long.

“Obsession” Soviet film

Most successful films

In the period from 1965 to 1970 Natalia Selezneva starred in seven new films. Among them, the most famous film “Caliph-Stork”, “I loved you …” and some others.

However, the greatest glory to the actress brought Leonid Gaidai’s movies. In 1973 and 1975, respectively, Natalya Selezneva starred in the comedy “Ivan Vasilievich” and “can not be”, which later became popular in all corners of the Soviet Union and became a true classic in its genre. It is noteworthy that in the 1970s and 1980s Natalia Selezneva played mostly in comedies and lyrical films. Among them “The street dresser drove”, “Take care of men” and some others. In addition, the talented actress often appeared in various television projects of humorous sense (“Pub 13”, “These incredible song or New Shurik dreams”).

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

In 1981, for outstanding contribution into the Soviet cinema Natalia Selezneva was given the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. And in 1996, she received the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

The situation in the 1990s changed dramatically after the collapse of the Soviet Union. During this period in her filmography began to appear more dramatic roles (“foot”, “Doomed Circle”). It is only in the second half of the nineties she has become a famous actress again. During this period, she participated in the filming of the comedy television series “House” and starred in comic films “impotent”, “Agent in mini skirt”, “Diva Mary” and some others. In addition, as a guest star, Natalia Selezneva appears today in the project “Old songs about the main” (2 and 3). Natalya Selezneva today appears in Russian films, among the later works of the actress “Thieves and Prostitutes” and “movers and shakers” which have become quite famous after the release.

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

Natalia Selezneva nowdays

Actress Natalya Selezneva with her husband currently work in Satire Theater. On the local scene Natalya Selezneva can be seen almost regularly. Natalya Selezneva is happy with her husband Vladimir Andreev, their marriage is quite long – more than 45 years together. They met in 1968 while working together on the film “The Caliph-Stork.” Natalya Selezneva has a son and two grandchildren.

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova
Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

  • 1953 – Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character – Sasha
  • 1956 – Girl and crocodile – Kate Pastushkova
  • 1961 – Alenka – Elizaveta
  • 1965 – Operation “Y” and other adventures of Shurik (“Obsession”) – Lida, a student at the Polytechnic Institute
  • 1966 – Sasha Sasha – Sasha Krylova, painter
  • 1966 – Who invented the wheel? – Zoya
  • 1967 – I loved you … – Lidia, a teacher of literature
  • 1968 – Caliph-Stork – Princess.
  • 1969 – Old friend – Natasha Koltsova, artist
  • 1969 – 1981 – Zucchini “13 chairs” – Mrs. Katharina
  • As we searched Tishka – teacher 1970
  • 1970 – The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase – Petya’s mom
  • 1970 – Solo (short) – Sonia
  • Convent – 1971
  • 1971 – Clown – Irina, gymnast
  • 1971 – When the sea laughs – Rosina
  • 1972 – Point, point, comma … – local doctor
  • 1973 – Ivan Vasilievich – Back to the Future – Zinaida Timofeeva (Zina), wife of Shurik
  • 1974 – Friendly guy – Alya Malysheva
  • 1975 – Benefit of Larissa Golubkina – Clara
  • 1975 – It cannot be! – Tanya, wife of Barygin-Amur
  • 1976 – The Magic Lantern – Helen
  • 1976 – Slap – Larissa, a student teacher’s college
  • 1977 – The Adventures of Nuk – mom Alyosha
  • 1977 – These incredible musicians or New dreams of Shurik – cameo
  • 1978 – In the streets led dresser (short story “We’re going, going, going …”) – Vika
  • 1978 – The tablet under the tongue
  • 1979 – Topic – Svetlana, a student KA Esenina
  • 1981 – Cold snap and snow expected (short)
  • 1982 – Just awful – a girl with a wrench
  • 1982 – Take care of men! – Alla, colleague and friend to Marfa Petrovna
  • 1982 – The Story of a young couple – Shura
  • 1982 – Birdman – Countess von Stolz
  • 1983 – Lying on his long legs – Olga Chigorella
  • Goldfish – guest “Goldfish” / Mrs Katharina – 1986
  • 1986 – On the busiest place – Anna, sister Bezsudnogo
  • 1986 – I hate you
  • 1987 – Jack capercaillie – Ariadne Koromyslova, student and friend Yegor
  • 1989 – Jackass
  • 1992 – Circle doomed – Fima Korableva
  • 1992 – Stars of the sea – the mother of Vladimir
  • 1995 – House
  • 1996 – Impotent – Tatiana, wife of Michael
  • 1996 – Passion – Suzanne I. Little (22th series) / Tax Inspector (40 series)
  • 1997 – Old songs 2 – Mrs Katharina
  • 1998 – Old songs 3 – Zina Timofeeva
  • 1998 – Diva Mary – Ina, wife of Boris
  • 2000 – Agent in miniskirt – Natalia
  • 2001 – From the perspective of an angel – Teresa K.
  • 2002 – Smile Melomety – activist
  • 2002 – Son of a loser – the mother of Arcadia
  • 2003 – Jubilee Attorney – Attorney neighbor
  • 2003 – Love-service – Margarita, bride
  • 2004 – Thieves and Prostitutes. Prize – a trip into space – Elena Stasova
  • 2006 – You will not leave me – Natalia
  • 2007 – Cry in the Night
  • 2007 – Fun – Sima aunt, a neighbor Julia
  • 2008 – Tycoons – Klavdia Semenovna
  • 2010 – Mother-Moscow (not completed)
  • 2010 – A Perfect Murder – Claire Morgan
  • 2013 – Country good kiddies – grandmother
  • 2014 – New Year’s duty (in production)
Natalya Seleznyova nowdays
Natalya Seleznyova nowdays
Natalia Selezneva with her husband
Natalia Selezneva with her husband

Russian actress Natalya Seleznyova

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