Serednikovo estate

Serednikovo estate
Serednikovo estate in Moscow region

Serednikovo estate in the Moscow region

On a sunny weekend, be sure to go to the Serednikovo estate in the Moscow region. Here, the manor house glitters with white, beautiful views of the pond with tiny islands and the smell of larch on the shady alleys, and a ten — minute walk-the movie city “Piligrim Porto”. One of the few places in the region where buildings and even part of the interior of the late 18th century have been preserved.

Over the years, the estate has seen different owners. But the main surnames that are associated with it today are Stolypin and Lermontov. The poet’s grandmother was the sister of Major General Dmitry Stolypin, who bequeathed this place to her, and it passed into the inheritance after his death. If you look at the line of kinship, it turns out that Mikhail Lermontov was a second cousin of the famous statesman Peter Stolypin.

The Serednikovo estate in the Moscow region has been redone more than once, but what the guide will definitely draw your attention to is the belvedere of the main house – a small superstructure at the very top with panoramic windows made specifically so that you can see the surrounding landscapes from all sides. It was here that young Lermontov liked to spend time. He retreated and composed. In Serednikovo, he wrote more than 100 poems and 7 poems, including the famous “Demon”. Feel the atmosphere of this place.

Manor Serednikovo from above
Manor Serednikovo from above


There are quite a few gaps in the history of the Serednikovo estate in the Moscow region. All because it changed hands many times, and not all of its owners were careful about the archives. Therefore, some of the documents are lost.

In the late 1700s, this land belonged to Senator Vsevolod Vsevolozhsky. He had no children, and after his death, his nephew took over the management of the estate. He sold off some of the furniture and expensive horses that were kept in the local stable.

In the early 1800s, the estate passed to Colonel Afanasy Nesterov, then Count Grigory Saltykov. Nothing is known about that time period. These owners did not leave a bright trace in the history of Serednikovo.

The heyday began under Dmitry Stolypin, and before Ivan Firsanov became the owner of the estate, everything here was connected with the Stolypins and Lermontov. Now in the main house you will see the family tree of the poet, who belongs to the family of the Scottish employee George Learmont, who went over to the side of our troops during the Russian-Polish war in the 16th century. Lermont remained in Russia, got married here, and later on the suffix “ov”was added to his surname in the Russian manner.

Serednikovo estate
Devil’s bridge in Serednikovo

One of the rooms of the main house is dedicated to Pyotr Stolypin. On the walls — the family coat of arms, a large portrait of the state secretary, photos of different years.

In 1869, Ivan Firsanov bought the Serednikovo estate. He was an enterprising man, and in order to return the money from the transaction, he gave part of the forest around the estate for cutting down. In addition, he sold some of the old dishes: before it, like everything related to the interior, passed to new owners.

The last owner of the estate was Firsanov’s daughter Vera. She was remembered by her maiden name, although she was married twice, and both times the marriages were dissolved on her initiative — an unheard-of audacity in those days. Her entrepreneurial streak came from her father: she built apartment buildings, rebuilt the Sandunovsky baths that had fallen into disrepair, invested a lot in the development of Serednikovo, in particular, thanks to her, a railway station appeared here — now it is called”Platform Firsanovka”. For the locals, Vera Ivanovna was a good lady.

Then there was a revolution, the estate was nationalized. Vera Firsanova went abroad and spent the last years of her life in Paris. A sanatorium was opened in Serednikovo, then it was abandoned. The estate was restored in the early 90s thanks to the Lermontov Heritage Foundation. Restoration work is still underway, but you won’t see any buildings in scaffolding or anything like that here. The territory is clean and tidy, nothing prevents vacationers.

Serednikovo estate
Pond in Serednikovo

Interesting facts

In the Oval Hall of the main house, you will see the woodwork. However, under the ceiling is a metal structure, painted so that it seems as if it is made of wood.
The chandeliers in the rooms look like old ones. They are made by modern craftsmen according to drawings. In the 18th and 19th centuries, candles burned, which now replace electric light bulbs.
In the foyer of the main house, a fragment of old tiles has been preserved on the floor: it differs significantly from the modern one in both design and manufacturing technology. To preserve the value, guests of the estate are asked to wear shoe covers.

Serednikovo estate
Pink (Lermontovskaya) room

Entering the gates of the Serednikovo estate in the Moscow region, you will find yourself in a large park with lawns, paths among the forest, bridges over ravines. The first thing you will see is an aviary with peacocks. A little further on, dazzling white buildings with green roofs. On weekends, there are many newlywed couples who arrange photo shoots here.

The main house and the four adjacent buildings are fenced. You can only get there with a guided tour, the guides gather groups several times a day, the first one takes place at 13 o’clock.

Only the main house is open to visitors, you will pass through two floors, stop in each room. You can take photos for free. The entrance to the Belvedere is closed.

Serednikovo estate
Study (Stolypin’s room)

The main house was never residential, it was only used for receiving guests. Both the owners and those who visited them stayed in the outhouses. A separate house for the servants, and another for the kitchen. Thus, a semicircular architectural ensemble consists of five buildings connected by passageways.

The spire of the main house is decorated with a figure of a duck. This is both a sign that the former owners hunted here, and a symbol of the hearth.

Beyond the hedge, a wide flight of steps runs between tall larch trees. They lead to an artificial but very pretty pond with two small islands.

Serednikovo estate
Entrance, gate to the Serednikovo estate
Serednikovo manor at different times of the year

Once upon a time, the passages between the wings and the main house were closed: specifically so that in winter you could get from one room to another without going outside. Again-we carried food from the kitchen, and it is important that it does not get cold. Vera Firsanova, having become a hostess and coming here only in the warm season, redid these passages. Now it is a summer option: open galleries with columns.

Walking around the territory is most pleasant in spring and summer, when the lawns are green, flower beds are full of flowers and there is a lot of sun. The air is fresh and filled with a coniferous aroma. As for excursions, they are held all year round.

Serednikovo estate
The gate to Serednikovo
Where to make a beautiful photo

The most successful shots are obtained on the way to the pond. If you shoot from above, then the frame will include steps, an alley of larch trees and the pond itself. In sunny weather, the light falls very beautifully through the branches of trees.

Serednikovo estate

Go down below and turn around: in front of you will be the main manor house, standing on a hill, framed by the same larch trees.

Old bridges, forest flowers and numerous interior elements will also add to your photo gallery. Non-professional shooting inside and on the territory is free of charge.

Serednikovo estate
Plafond “Demon and Angel Carrying the Soul of Tamara”
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