Sofia Nikitchuk

 is a fashion model and actress from the Urals

Biography of Sofia Nikitchuk

Sofia Nikitchuk is a fashion model and actress from the Urals, the winner of the Miss Russia 2015 contest and the First Vice-Miss of the World of the same year. Member of the Putin Team social movement.

Sofia Nikitchuk in childhood

Childhood and youth

Sofia was born on October 20, 1993 in the closed city of Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, in the family of the military man Viktor Grigorievich and the doctor Tatyana Vasilyeva. She has a 3-year-old brother, Pavel.

As a child, Sofia was a restless child, a lively leader among her peers. In her school years, she became calmer, perhaps, numerous circles affected: she attended music and art schools, and was also fond of sports, played volleyball, was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and dancing.

Sofia Nikitchuk


Even at the university, a tall (177 cm), slender and pretty girl became interested in the modeling business, signed a contract with the Alexandri agency, and soon decided to try her hand at the Miss Yekaterinburg contest. The main theme of the competition was Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”, and the presenter was the actor Alexander Oleshko. Thanks to her beauty, oratorical skills and charm, Nikitchuk was able to win the competition and receive the main prize – the keys to a silver Skoda car.

Soon Nikitchuk represented Yekaterinburg at the Miss Russia 2015 contest. The girl confidently bypassed 49 other participants in the competition and won 1st place, for which she received three million rubles and a new Hyundai Solaris car.

Sofia Nikitchuk

The next stage in Nikitchuk’s career was participation in a larger event – the 65th Miss World 2015 contest, which was held in the Chinese city of Sanya. In the end, the winner of the competition was the Spanish beauty Mireya Lalaguna, and Sofia took the honorary title of 1st Vice Miss. It is noteworthy that earlier Russian women only twice became the owners of the crown – in 1992 it was won by Yulia Kurochkina, in 2008 – by Ksenia Sukhinova, who acted as one of the judges of the competition.

In 2016, Sophia was invited to shoot the historical series Sophia, directed by Alexei Andrianov. In the series, which takes place in the second half of the 15th century in Russia, the girl played Elena Voloshanka, the daughter of the Moldavian ruler Stephen III the Great (Alexander Baluev) and the wife of Ivan the Young (Ilya Ilinykh), the eldest son of the Grand Duke of Moscow John III (Evgeny Tsyganov).

Sofia Nikitchuk

Sofia met the director of the film during the filming of a charity project about butterfly children for the Miss World contest. When the girl found out about the upcoming filming of a historical project, she immediately decided to try her hand. Before casting, Nikitchuk studied for a long time with a teacher from Hollywood, Svetlana Efremova, who “changed her mind and approach not only to cinema, but also to many life situations.” Sophia’s colleagues on the set were Maria Andreeva, Nadezhda Markina, Boris Nevzorov and other famous actors.

Personal life of Sofia Nikitchuk

Even before the Miss Yekaterinburg contest, Sofia met with the Russian biathlon champion, and now a businessman, Andrei Naumov, who is 14 years older than the girl. Nikitchuk and Naumov were introduced by a mutual friend. Andrei took care of Sofia for about two months, and after the four of them flew away – with his twin brother Sergei and his girlfriend – to rest, Nikitchuk gave up. After winning Miss Russia, Sofia moved to Moscow, and, despite Andrey’s serious intentions, broke off relations.

Personal life of Sofia Nikitchuk

In 2016, it became known that Sofia was dating Fyodor Smolov, a Russian footballer and striker of the Russian national team, the ex-husband of “Miss Russia-2003” Victoria Lopyreva. However, soon Smolov began to appear in public with another beauty, Yulia Levchenko.

In February 2018, Nikitchuk published on her Instagram a compromising photo with the singer Nikolai Baskov, who for the last six months has excited fans with the news about the upcoming wedding with Victoria Lopyreva. “How was your Valentine’s Day?” – Sophia signed a photo.

In his free time Nikitchuk reads books on psychology, masters alpine skiing and horse riding.

winner of the Miss Russia 2015 contest

Sofia Nikitchuk now

Sofia continues to lead an active public life – the girl participates in various TV shows and charitable projects, helps the organizers of the Miss Russia contest, takes part in photo shoots for fashion magazines and appears in clips of domestic performers.

In February 2018, Nikitchuk appeared in the video of rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) for the song “My Broken Dreams”, which quickly became a YouTube trend. In addition to Sofia, actors Alexei Serebryakov, Polina and Yulia Aug and TV presenter Ivan Urgant took part in the filming.

Around the same time, she joined the public movement “Putin Team” founded by Alexander Ovechkin, which she proudly announced to her followers on Instagram.

Anna Botova at the Miss Runet 2010 contest

winner of the Miss Russia 2015 contest

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