Svetlana Ivanova Russian actress

Svetlana Ivanova Russian actress

Svetlana Ivanova was born in a family of engineers on September 25, 1985, in Moscow. At school age, my parents separated, but my father always helped and took part in the upbringing. At school, Sveta loved exact sciences, as she studied in the gymnasium in the economy class. Therefore, the future actress did not dream of any acting profession. Her parents wanted her to become an engineer just like them.

However, in high school, the girl realized that she wanted to try herself in a different direction and become an actress. As a teenager, Svetlana attended a theater group and participated in school productions. Therefore, in high school, Svetlana decided to take preparatory courses at the Moscow Art Theater Studio School. And in the summer after graduation, I wanted to go there, but I did not pass the entrance exams. However, she entered the VGIK. And in 2006, she successfully graduated from a higher educational institution.

As a student, she starred in short films of her friends, who also studied at theater universities in the capital. She played in such performances as: “When the war ends”, “The Power of Darkness” , etc.

In 2011, she was invited to take part in the production of “Three Comrades” at the Moscow Theater “Sovremennik”. After a successful debut on the theater stage, Svetlana is offered cooperation with this theater and she accepts it. At the moment, the actress is still playing in “Sovremennik” in parallel with the movie.

Ivanova received many different awards, and fans began to recognize the girl on the street. After this film, the actress was invited to various projects: “Father”, “Temptation”, ” And yet I love…”, “One Night of Love”, “Palm Sunday”, etc.

Also, the second wave of popularity began when Svetlana played an obstetrician-gynecologist in the TV series “Pregnancy Test”, and her partner on the set was such actors as: Danila Dunaev, Alexander Yatsko, Kirill Grebenshchikov, etc.

Svetlana always performs all the tricks without stuntmen. She’s a professional because she loves what she does. Directors dream of inviting her to their project, and colleagues want to work with her, as Svetalana is a bright and positive person. Svetlana always plays her character exactly, which is why she makes the audience fall in love with her. Despite her easy nature, the actress herself claims that she is the complete opposite and a very difficult person in life, but just tries to hide her negative character traits.

In the filmography of the actress there are already more than 65 pictures and this is just the beginning. Ivanova works very hard both in the theater and in the cinema. Every year, she appears in projects that, most often, become successful and bring her good fame.

Soon it will be possible to see it in new films: “Pregnancy Test-2”, “Trigger”, “Outpost”, “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, “Cathedral”, etc.

Ivanova is successful not only in her career, but also in her personal life. Despite unsuccessful love affairs, Svetlana still found her female happiness.

However, it is known that in 2006, the actress met with the operator Vyacheslav Lisnevsky. They were just friends at first, but later the friendship developed into a romance. Together, the lovers lived for about 4 years. Officially, they never signed, and later in 2010, Svetala and Vyacheslav broke up.

Since 2011, the actress has been in a relationship with director Janik Faiziyev. However, for a long time the relationship was hidden. In 2012, the actress gave Janik a daughter, Polina. And all the same, the press did not know the details of Svetlana’s personal life, and she herself did not comment on the birth of the long-awaited child.
Already 2 months after giving birth, the actress returned to work. However, in 2015, at a social event, the lovers announced to everyone that they were officially a couple. In 2018, the couple had an important and joyful event again: Svetlana gave the director a second child-a daughter. Despite the fact that they have been in a relationship for more than 7 years, but the lovers are not in a hurry to officially register a marriage. Svetlana claims that the stamp in the passport will not change anything in their relationship.

The actress actively shares photos with fans on the social network Instagram. Svetlana leads a busy life, and also plays sports. Ivanova prefers not to publish photos of her daughters.