Tatiana Bakalchuk

Tatiana Bakalchuk

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There is practically no information on the Internet about the life of the richest woman in Russia before the creation of the mega-corporation. Bakalchuk is not a lover of social life, you will not find her among the stellar hangouts, there is no personal page in any social network. She does not give interviews and does not conduct photo sessions. He believes that it is better to spend this time on business.

Wikipedia states that the date of birth is October 16, 1975. Tatyana’s maiden name is Kim, and her nationality is Korean. But she grew up in the suburbs. After graduating from high school, the girl entered the Moscow Social and Humanitarian Institute. In 1997 she successfully became a certified specialist. The education of an English teacher made it possible to work as a tutor. But soon, this activity ended.

Tatiana Bakalchuk

Personal life of tatiana bakalchuk

Tatiana is happily married and together with her husband Vladislav are raising three beautiful daughters and one wonderful son.

Children are not deprived of the attention of their parents. Even with colossal employment, the Bakalchuk couple pays special attention to the family.

The spouse is that support and support, thanks to which the Wildberries brand appeared. Vladislav is a radiophysicist by education and a mathematical mindset allowed him to calculate everything clearly, to engage in marketing, purchasing issues and sales.

The history of the creation of the “Wildberry” online store

While on maternity leave, Tatiana got the idea to try herself in a completely unknown niche.

With a baby in her arms, she realized that tutoring does not bring much financial benefit to the family. So she and her husband decided to go into the online business. What to do specifically, the spouses determined quickly. After all, Tanya was convinced from personal experience how difficult it is to be a young mother. How energy-intensive it is and, at times, not at all mobile.

A trip to the store could take half a day, it became unrealistically difficult to choose the right thing with a child in your arms.

Bakalchuk decided to create an online clothing store. So that mothers from all over Russia can save time and remain always fashionable and beautiful.

History of success

Tanya and Vladislav’s apartment played an important role. After all, it was she who was the office, warehouse, and home. Initially, purchases were through the German catalogs Quelle and Otto. After all, there was simply not enough money to work with well-known foreign distributors. The website and banner ads were launched soon after. It was then that the first stream of customers started.

Turnover grew at a tremendous speed, orders could no longer fit in the apartment and it was decided to rent a separate warehouse.

Accordingly, the staff has also grown. This is how the first couriers, operators, storekeepers, programmers and a photographer appeared in the team. Yes, having a photographer has played an important role in promoting the business. After all, once Tatiana Bakalchuk decided to do everything herself, as she was used to. She took a camera, dressed her employees in outfits and made real, live footage. Buyers of such creativity did not appreciate, sales began to decline. It was then that Bakalchuk realized that she needed a real pro for a beautiful shot. So a photographer and even a photo studio appeared in the team.

A creative approach to business helped to be the first among competitors. Correct decisions in favor of buyers and brought the company to the top. Namely, the lowest shipping price was more than attractive. Soon, delivery became free at all.

Many Russians were afraid to shop online and were driven by fear.
It was Tatiana’s company that for the first time provided its customers with the opportunity to try on a thing before paying.

Awards and achievements

The Wildberry company was founded back in 2004. During this time, she managed to conquer the online market and fill the hearts of Russians.

The success grew every year. So, from 2016 to 2018, Bakalchuk’s business was recognized as the largest online store in Russia.
At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the company’s turnover increased by another 95%, to 75.3 billion rubles.
In 2021, Tatiana Bakalchuk topped the ranking of the richest self-made women.

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