The painting Thaw by the artist Julius Klever

Thaw. Julius Klever. 1890.

Thaw. Julius Klever. 1890.

The painting “Thaw” by the artist Julius Klever, was created by him already in adulthood. Therefore, she embodies all the talent of an outstanding artist. This work can be considered one of the best. The painting impresses us with its technique of writing. The colors are in harmony with each other, creating a common mystery and unusual canvases.

The works of Julius Clover are in great demand among art connoisseurs. The artist is so talented that you do not want to look away from the picture, on the contrary, to drown in it. And magically be inside them live.

In the painting” Thaw”, Clover created one of the most beautiful moments in nature – it is dawn. It’s winter outside, so the whole picture is permeated by the cold from the piercing road. It would seem that there can be something attractive, frosty time, nature froze before the onset of spring. But looking at the picture, we notice only positive aspects. Everything is so harmoniously embodied that we rejoice in the appearance of a new day and the sun rising in the distance. We want to get on our skis on a snow-covered road and race on and on!

The central place in the picture is occupied by a tall birch tree. It literally wakes up after hibernation in anticipation of spring. A little old lady on skis is moving next to the tree. She has a bag slung over her shoulder, which conveys to us all the energy and inner youth of this old woman.

The painting Thaw by Russian artist of German origin Julius Klever

The whole picture is covered with a white carpet of snow, which almost glitters at the morning dawn. Frost is still present and spring is not so close, but the thaw is felt all around: the snow is not so heavy, the buds begin to swell on the twigs. There is a thaw, the most beautiful time in the transitional moment of nature. Soon the beauty will wake up in the interweaving with bright colors. The author wants to show us that everything will soon get better and all the good things will come with a new spring!