The painting View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge

Alexey Savrasov. Painting

The painting “View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge in inclement weather” by Alexei Savrasov is the first success of the brilliant landscape painter

“View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge in inclement weather” – a painting by Alexei Savrasov, which made the artist famous. An expressive landscape appears before the viewer. Most of the work is occupied by the sky with swirling clouds. The snow-white Kremlin is buried in them, located in the center of the composition. From minute to minute, a thunderstorm will begin, a tall tree bends in a strong wind. In the foreground appears a rickety hut and a woman with a bucket, hurrying to hide from the weather.

Alexey Savrasov is a great master of landscape of the second half of the 19th century. In his works, he glorified the middle zone of Russia, filling the pictures of nature with subtle lyrics. The formation of the artist’s creative manner took place at the turn of two styles – romanticism and realism. Mastering the traditions of the first direction, the painter simultaneously strove for greater truthfulness and authenticity.

In the painting “View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge in inclement weather” Savrasov uses a number of romantic techniques:

  • motives of a pre-stormy sky and wind,
  • a pronounced contrast between the dark and illuminated parts of the canvas,
  • the image of a lonely human figure in fluttering clothes.

But at the same time, the author does not impose his mood on the landscape: nature appears at a time of bad weather completely reliable, organically includes the image of a simple woman surrounded by everyday details, and not a romantic dreamer.

In his work, Savrasov also demonstrated masterful work with a palette – a spectacular color scheme for the sky. It is not surprising that the picture presented at the exhibition of the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture was warmly received by critics and became a testament to the talent of the young artist.

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