Valeria Lanskaya

Valeria Lanskaya Russian theater and film actress, singer
Valeria Lanskaya Russian theater and film actress, singer

Initially, the girl did not want to go to the theater, dreamed of becoming a journalist, but succumbed to the persuasion of her parents after she learned that the educational program involves the study of Russian and foreign literature, as well as art history.

Short biography

Valeria Lanskaya was born on January 2, 1987 in Moscow. The mother of the future actress, Elena Maslennikova, was a choreographer and figure skating coach, combining this activity with the activities of a screenwriter and actress. Father, Alexander Zaitsev, professionally taught ballroom dancing. Grandmother, Valeria Evgenievna Maslennikova, and grandfather, Levon Ashotovich Barkhudaryan, mother’s parents, were professional musicians, while grandmother, Irina Borisovna Geroeva, and grandfather, Stanislav Grigorievich Maslennikov, paternal ancestors, both worked in the field of medicine. Valeria grew up with her younger sister Anastasia.

From early childhood, Lera was a very active child. Through parental care, she was constantly involved in various creative pursuits. The first main focus was figure skating. Valeria was engaged in ice dancing following the example of her mother. However, after a while this occupation had to be abandoned. This happened because her partner decided to leave the sport. And due to the fact that these lessons were quite expensive pleasure, Lera for a long time could not find a suitable replacement for him. Due to the protracted pause in training, the girl involuntarily switched her attention to a new hobby.

Valeria Lanskaya Russian theater and film actress, singer

For several years, Lanskaya devoted all her strength to classes in rhythmic gymnastics. In parallel with this, she took piano lessons. Then came the dance. The girl studied everything from modern dance to classical dance. By the way, Lera’s parents during this period were engaged in teaching dance in pairs, together they took part in various dance competitions. This continued until 1993, when the girl’s father left his family and moved to the United States of America, where he continued teaching alone.

When Valeria was not yet fifteen, she enrolled in ballet master courses at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. In addition to dancing, Lanskaya took guitar lessons and studied vocals. After that, an era of serious passion for theater began. For several years, Lera has changed several children’s theaters, including the Musical Theater of a Young Actor. The main difficulty was the combination of extracurricular activities with studies at school. For all the time, the girl changed at least seven secondary schools.
After the long-awaited graduation, she applied to the Theater Institute. B. Shchukin and was admitted to the acting course of Yuri Veniaminovich Shlykov. While still in her third year, Lanskaya received an invitation to join the troupe of the Satyricon theater under the direction of Konstantin Raikin. Her debut work in cinema was the role of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna in the biographical television series “Yesenin”.