Valery Murushkin jeweler

Valery Murushkin jeweler
Garnet pendant, gold. Valery Murushkin

Biography and information

Graduated from MVHPU them. S.G. Stroganov in 1980, the department of training masters in the specialty “Artistic metal processing” with the praise of the State Qualification Commission.

After graduating from the Stroganov Moscow Art School, he worked at the Avangard plant in the department of development of consumer goods, has copyright certificates.

In 1995 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists and became a permanent and active participant in all exhibitions held by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Association of Decorative Arts Artists. Diploma-recipient of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the AHDI Board and a member of the AHDI Artistic Council, responsible for jewelry art, one of the most prominent jewelery artists of our time.

Valery Murushkin
Murushkin Valery. Pyramid earrings

Valery Murushkin manages to achieve a new expressiveness and demonstration of the advantages of metal processing technology in his works, which are characterized by various themes, their stylization and associative-figurative character. As a rule, the objects reproduced in them are of varying degrees of stylization, are quite recognizable and unusually decorative; they are effectively embodied in metal and with liberated imagination. Murushkin Valeriy is unusually effectively able to give products a laconic and finished form.

The use of a new stylistic solution and a rather unexpected combination of different materials for decorative and applied art determines the modern stylistic solution of his works.

Valery Murushkin
Murushkin Valery. Brooch-dragonfly, with precious stones

Valery Murushkin jeweler

The artist works in the traditional technique of jewelry art, linking precious metals with precious and semi-precious stones into a single piece that resembles handmade fabric. How interesting it is to consider tiny diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, as if peeking out from the interweaving of yellow and white metal threads, which greatly enriches the color and texture of the product, delighting the viewer.

This texture of the jewelry piece is typical for Valery, who managed to create precious necklaces, brooches, bracelets and other products that remind us of ancient samples, but these are not copies or imitations of the art of the 18-19 centuries. This is a modern interpretation of complex, sophisticated, but completely own in form, design and technique of making jewelry. The artist’s interests are not limited to the art of jewelry. He is also engaged in painting and sculpture.

Valery is the creator of the Best Russian Feathers badge for journalists, which adorns the lapels of professionals, authors of the best articles and reports who have received this award from the Russian Government.
Permanent participant in exhibitions of the Ministry of Agriculture. Works published in periodicals, used in the filming of a feature film.