Yulia Parshuta

Yulia Parshuta


Yulia Parshuta was born on April 23, 1988 in Sochi. As a child, she did not plan to conquer the vocal scene. At the age of 3, my parents gave my daughter to classical dancing in the “Little Ballet”. She also attended art school. In accordance with these directions, Julia made great progress. wildberries.ru In 1999, she won 3rd place in a drawing competition in France. Until the age of 11, she danced at various concerts, and even combined classes at school with a music circle in the violin class.

In 1999, she won 3rd place in a drawing competition in France. Until the age of 11, she danced at various concerts, and even combined classes at school with a music circle in the violin class. This schedule was busy, but Yulia also managed to visit the Prometheus scientific community to play basketball and defile as a novice model. After graduating from high school, Julia received a silver medal and decided to become a student of the philological faculty of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. She participated in the famous Russian comedy show KVN. In 2010, Parshuta received a red diploma.Julia was never idle. In 2004 she took part in the competition “You are a supermodel 2” and reached the final.

After 2 years, she received the “Crystal Crown” at the Moscow Russian beauty contest. Julia took part in the show “Star Factory 7”. She left the project among the group “Yin-Yang”. Together with the band, she toured 4 years in the CIS countries. It is said that it was difficult for Yulia to establish a good relationship with the team. And therefore she still thought about starting a solo career. In 2011, she left the band and went to conquer the music show business as a solo artist. At the same time, she could be seen in the nude on the cover of Maxim magazine with the caption “The best pop of the country”. At the same time, her first compositions “Hello” and “You are my password” were released, which Julia wrote herself.

In 2012, she independently shot a video for the single “This is my song”. In 2014 she recorded the song “The Month of May”, the words were written by her father Vasily Parshuta. It is based on real events. During the filming of the video, the singer transferred into the frame the image of her grandmother, who was a military driver.
In 2016, she recorded a music video for “Astalavista”. In 2017, Yulia performed it at the concert “Big Game”, which was held in Sochi. Parshuta also released a joint music video with Mark Tishman from the Factory of Stars. In 2014, Parshuta played in the film “Half a Kingdom for Love” and the multi-part project “A Look from Eternity”. In 2015, she was waiting for a job in the comedy “Bartender”, as well as”Family Business”.

Yulia Parshuta


Yulia Parshuta rarely talks about her personal life, but in 2020 she made an exception. When the presenter Regina Todorenko got into the epicenter of the scandal, uttering a careless phrase (“What did you do so that your husband did not beat you?”), justifying domestic violence, the singer told about her experience of living with an abuser.

In 2010, she fell madly in love with a beautiful, intelligent and wealthy man. At that time, the media reported that Julia was dating an American – perhaps it is about him, although Parshuta does not name names. The first few months of the relationship were perfect, but then he began to let loose and soon beat Julia at the slightest provocation. She was afraid of revenge – he was strong. And besides, he promised to ruin her reputation both in Russia and in the United States, threatened to use violence against her parents.

After that, Yulia ran away from home, leaving in the hands of her boyfriend a bag with the keys to the apartment and car and a passport. She spent the night with a friend, who she told that the bag was stolen. And for a long time she was shy to talk about this episode, but after Todorenko’s words, she finally confessed, calling on subscribers to immediately leave the domestic tyrants, and not to tolerate their antics, because they will not change. After such a traumatic relationship, Julia was afraid to start dating men for a long time. In the press, she laughed off all questions about her personal life that she was having an affair with music.

Only at the beginning of 2018, rumors began to spread in the media that Yulia Parshuta was engaged. In September of the same year, she actually married a young man named Alexander. Later, Yulia said that she met her betrothed in the gym back in 2015 and lived together for three years.

However, after a year and a half, the fairy tale came to an end. Moreover, Julia said that, despite the photo from the beautiful wedding ceremony. In fact, she and Alexander have never been officially married, so there will be no divorce as such. Julia reflected her feelings about the painful breakup in the touching song “Better”, for which a video was shot.

YULIA PARSHUTA NOW In 2019, the singer presented her third solo album” [2.02] ” in the soul genre, which includes 7 new songs.

In 2020, Julia starred in the sensational film “Text” with Alexander Petrov. She played the girl Gosha, the character of Kirill Nagiyev.

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