Yulia Zimina

Yulia Zimina

Biography of Yulia Zimina

Yulia Zimina is a beautiful, popular Russian theater and film actress, as well as a TV presenter of Channel One. Julia was born in the Saratov region in the town of Krasny Kut in 1981. The girl’s father, Alexander Petrovich, worked as a veterinarian, and later began to teach Latin and therapy at a technical educational institution. Mother, Zoya Grigorievna, was a biologist by education and worked at school as a primary school teacher.

In 1999, Julia received a certificate of secondary education and decided to enter the Saratov Conservatory at the acting department. Despite the great competition, the girl managed to successfully pass the exams and become a student in the workshop of Rimma Belyakova. She was the best student in the faculty. She took part in graduation performances “Mad Money”, “Slaves”, “An Ordinary Miracle”, “Bloody Wedding” and “Family of Ghouls”. Yulia Zimina graduated from the creative university in 2003. Professional activity After graduating from a theatrical university in 2003, Yulia went to conquer Moscow. In the capital, the girl was accepted into the troupe of the Class Theater on Belorusskaya. She took part in both serious performances and children’s performances. Later Julia collaborated with the production center “Omitra”. After her success on television, Julia no longer appears on the stage.

Yulia Zimina
Julia Zimina in the TV series Carmelita

Film Career

In the cinema, Yulia Zimina became famous for her leading role in the TV series “Carmelita” (2005). This film project became for the young actress the debut and decisive one in her film career. After the release of the series on television, Julia woke up famous.

In 2006, the girl became a participant in the “Ford Boyard” project, later a participant in the “Dancing with the Stars” show. In 2017 she became a guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. Since 2010, Julia has become the TV presenter of Channel One in the Good Morning program. In this program, the actress works to this day. Julia’s filmography includes participation in more than 20 different genre film projects. The actress played interesting roles in the films “I am a detective”, “What love hides”, “Heiress”, “The woman of his dreams”, “Ivanovs-Ivanovs”, “Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!” and “The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov”.

Yulia Zimina in the program Good Morning on Channel 1 of Russia
Yulia Zimina in the program Good Morning on Channel 1 of Russia

Personal life

Actress Yulia Zimina carefully protects her personal life from strangers. She even gave birth to her daughter Simone in secret and told about it only six months later. And the other day the star of the TV series “Carmelita” stunned fans with recognition. The 39-year-old artist secretly married.

Julia had a relationship with Maxim Shcheglov. For the sake of Julia, he even left his family and two children.

Zimina published wedding photos in which the groom’s face is not visible. The ceremony took place in one of the Moscow registry offices. “Guys, I got married today. He is the best in the world ”, – Julia shared female happiness.

This news had the effect of a bomb exploding. The fans did not even believe Zimina, suggesting that the footage could have been taken on the set of another series with the participation of an idol. However, the actress denied the speculation. “The photo is real. Thank you all for your congratulations, ”wrote the star.

It was important for her that her lover accepted her daughter and got along with her character. “I built a house, gave birth to a child, and all that was left was to plant a tree. There can be no mumbler next to me. It doesn’t matter what his nose or ears are. A man should be a man, be responsible for his actions and for everything he does, ”the girl shared.