15 most beautiful Russian actors

most beautiful Russian actors Ivan Yankovsky

15 most beautiful Russian actors: raiting 2021

They say that beauty is not the main thing for a man. However, for public figures, and in particular for actors, the “outer cover” plays an important role. After all, winning the sympathy of the audience is not so easy, having an ordinary appearance and not having charisma.

It is important to note that the standard of male beauty undoubtedly changes over time. Over the past century, the standards of attractiveness of the stronger sex have been revised more than once:

In the 1900s, male fighters were considered attractive, with a sculpted torso and piercing eyes. Bodybuilders enjoyed increased attention from the opposite sex.

1940 The era of war left its mark on the standard of male attractiveness. Now, clean-shaven men with a stern look, dressed in military uniforms, have become in high esteem.

1960 Freedom of expression began to be appreciated. Some men aspired to be like Alain Delon, others imitated the image of a hippie.

In 1980, following the release of Lifeguards Malibu, the standard of male beauty was again adjusted. Sexy athletes with a distinctive bronze tan are now in vogue.

In the 2000s, many men were inspired by the subway by David Beckham’s sexy image. Now, in addition to the elastic body, a well-groomed hairstyle and the ability to dress stylishly began to be appreciated.

Nowadays, the image of such a rebel is becoming popular men began to grow their hair and beards, trying to resemble a “brutal lumberjack”.

Today, our rating includes 15 of the most beautiful modern Russian actors in the opinion of our editorial staff. Each of them is not only talented, but also very attractive in appearance.

15 most beautiful Russian actors
Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov, most beautiful Russian actors


Vladimir grew up in a creative family, where his mother worked as a director, and his father as an actor. Young Vladimir Mashkov, possessing a rebellious disposition and irrepressible creative potential, was repeatedly expelled from theater schools for his difficult character. But he was still able to become a student of Oleg Tabakov, thus drawing out a “lucky ticket” for himself.

Glorified Vladimir Mashkov role in the film “American Daughter”. The actor also had significant foreign roles, in such films as: “American Rhapsody”, “Dancing in the” Blue Iguana Mission Impossible: Protocol Phantom Apparently, not everyone is destined to “pacify the rebel”, so all 4 marriages of the artist ended in divorce. At the moment, despite the many novels attributed by the press, Vladimir Mashkov’s heart is free.

A brutal appearance, a strong torso, tall stature coupled with a strong character these are the distinguishing features of the actor Vladimir Mashkov, which make him attractive in the eyes of the ladies.

Danila Kozlovsky
Danila Kozlovsky, most beautiful Russian actors


Handsome “in the very juice”, popular actor Danila Kozlovsky, was born on May 3, 1985 in Moscow. Many people call Danila a “domestic sex symbol”.

The actor grew up in a respectable Soviet family, where his mother worked as a teacher, father as a professor. The actor has 2 brothers, with whom they often “played naughty”. The debut role of Danila in the series “Simple Truths” made it possible to understand that now he wants to forever connect life with the stage. Therefore, the young talent graduates with success from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts and rapidly breaks into the world of cinema. Films that brought the most popularity to Danila:

  • “Legend No. 17”.
  • “Garpastum”.
  • “Matilda”.
  • Viking.

It is worth noting that the actor, thanks to his excellent external data, is often invited to cooperate with the largest brands. For example, he starred in an ad for the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Danila Kozlovsky broke many women’s hearts. But it seems that the handsome man was able to win the domestic model Olga Zueva. She gave him a daughter. True, lovers are in no hurry to go to the registry office.

Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky
Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky, most beautiful Russian actors


Actor of theater and cinema, Konstantin Khabensky is ranked 13th. He was born on January 11, 1972 in Leningrad. Undeniable talent coupled with charisma allow Konstantin to occupy the top lines of the ratings of the highest paid domestic actors for many years.

Konstantin’s family can hardly be called creative. After all, my mother taught mathematics, and my father worked as an engineer. And the future actor himself in childhood dreamed of a career in the field of astronautics, was fond of football. However, Konstantin did not stay long at the aviation technical school his soul asked for creativity, self-expression. He began to participate in the plays of the experimental theater “Saturday”. Then, he entered the theater institute.

The career of Konstantin Khabensky began precisely with theatrical activity.

He played in theaters:

  • “Crossroads”.
  • “Satyricon”.
  • Petersburg Lensovet Theater.

The actor is also famous for his roles in the films: “To Whom God Will Send”, “Home for the Rich”, “Night Watch”, “State Councilor”, “Rush Hour”. He also starred in the Hollywood blockbuster Wanted. It seems that he can do any role! He’s just a master of reincarnation.

In the personal life of the actor, there were tragic episodes. So, his first wife, Anastasia Smirnova, soon after the birth of her first child, dies of oncology. From his second marriage with Olga Litvinova, Konstantin has a daughter.

The actor organized the Khabensky Foundation, which helps children with cancer. For this he deserves special respect. Perhaps this is the case when inner beauty changes the idea of u200b u200bthe external appearance. Constantine is beautiful with his kind soul!

most beautiful Russian actorsAlexander Pal
Alexander Pal, most beautiful Russian actors


Alexander Pal, born on December 16, 1988 in Chelyabinsk, burst onto the stage in 2012. As a rule, he plays the role of “just a guy from our yard”, good-natured, sweet, often with special needs.

Alexander grew up in a poor family. The uncle pushed the young talent to enter the acting school. The poor student was still able, denying himself all the entertainment, eating extremely poorly, to graduate from GITIS.

The role in the film “Bitter!” Brought glory to the actor. Among other film projects with the participation of Alexander, it is worth highlighting: “Life and Fate”, “Yolki 1914”, “Rag Union”, “You All Enrage Me”, “Raid”. He can play both a hard-working taxi driver and a dreamy bully.

Alexander prefers not to flaunt his personal life. It is only known that he met with Lisa Yankovskaya, seriously thought about the happiness of fatherhood. However, the heart of the “young windy” is now free again.

It is obvious that the actor, who has rapidly gained popularity, is now in the first place for creative self-expression and participation in public life.

most beautiful Russian actors Dmitry Pevtsov
Dmitry Pevtsov, most beautiful Russian actors


The modern Russian actor and singer Dmitry Pevtsov was born on July 8, 1963 in Moscow. Basically, due to the brutal image, the actor is often offered heroic roles.

Dmitry grew up in a family of athletes and came to the stage by accident. His talent was noticed when the young man came to support a friend when entering a theater university. Therefore, Dmitry’s dreams of a career as a navigator were replaced by fantasies about acting. He graduated from GITIS with success. It is worth noting that Dmitry did not abandon sports either.

For example, even now he actively participates in the Sport-Garage competition. Dmitry Pevtsov began his theatrical career with the production of “Phaedra”, “At the Bottom”. Beginning in 1986, the actor began to offer roles in films. So, the brutal handsome man starred in the films:

  • “End of the World with the subsequent symposium”,
  • “Nicknamed the Beast”,
  • “Mother”,
  • “Turkish Gambit”.

Thanks to his spectacular appearance and good vocal skills, he also played in musicals: “Juno and Avos”, “Metro”, “Eastwick Witches”.

As for his personal life, Dmitry first tied the knot in a civil marriage in 1990 with a young classmate Larisa Blazhko. From this connection, the actor had a son. However, a year later, the young handsome man met “the love of his life” Olga Drozdova, then the actor decided to go to the registry office. Soon the couple had an heir. Now Dmitry’s strong family can only be envied, peace and mutual understanding reign in the family, to the delight of the couple’s fans.

Dmitry Pevtsov actively uploads photos to social networks whether it be pictures with relatives, or announcements of upcoming performances. Outwardly brutal and kind on the inside, Dmitry Pevtsov deserves the audience’s recognition!

Mikhail Porechenkov
Mikhail Porechenkov, most beautiful Russian actors

The famous TV presenter, theater and film actor, Mikhail Porechenkov is the favorite of many women. He was born on March 2, 1969 in St. Petersburg. It is noteworthy that in 2006 Mikhail was awarded the title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”.

Mikhail’s parents have mastered the “working” professions. Mother is a builder, father worked in the field of navigation. It is worth noting that initially Mikhail entered the Tallinn Military-Political School, but he constantly received reprimands and eventually dropped out. The young rebel was expelled 10 days before graduation. After military service, Mikhail Porechenkov still received an actor’s diploma, graduating from LGITMiK.

The actor gained universal popularity thanks to his role in the film “Agent of National Security”. Mikhail has more than 50 roles in various films in his “piggy bank”. For example, “Gangster Petersburg. Film 1 Kill Stalin Poddubny”. Shows with the participation of the actor were also successful “Forbidden Zone”, “Battle of Psychics”, “Culinary Duel”. Mikhail very often appears in advertisements, he has many offers from various brands. Perhaps, at the present time, it is in demand more than ever.

The personal life of a handsome star is rich in 3 long-term novels. The first unofficial marriage with Irina Lyubimtseva gave Mikhail a son. The second, the official wife of the actor, Ekaterina Porechenkova, gave him a beautiful daughter. But already in the next official marriage with Olga Porechenkova, 3 more children appeared in the family.

Mikhail Porechenkov is involved in many projects, soon we should expect new masterpieces of cinema with his participation.

most beautiful Russian actors Ivan Yankovsky
Ivan Yankovsky

Young handsome Ivan Yankovsky is ranked 9th. He was born on October 30, 1990 in Moscow. The actor, having inherited the talent from the famous dynasty, shows great promise. Film critics call him one of the most promising.

The Yankovsky couple are famous for their outstanding acting skills. It would seem that with such heredity, Ivan’s fate was a foregone conclusion. It is not surprising that a 10-year-old boy began his career with the painting “Come to see me.” The young man successfully graduated from the acting and directing department of GITIS.

Ivan began his conscious creative career with a role in the fantastic thriller “Indigo”. Further, he was attracted to participate in the paintings:

  • “Queen of Spades”.
  • “Psoglavtsy”.
  • “Night Guards”.
  • “Union of Salvation”.
  • Ikaria.
  • “Text”.

Possessing an attractive appearance, Ivan broke more than one woman’s heart. For the first time in public, he appeared with Camilla Baysarova, however, the romance was short-lived. With his next love Vera Panfilova, he even planned to get married. However, the wedding never took place. The lovers deleted all joint photos on social networks. Soon, the paparazzi found the actor with a new passion Alexandra Novikova. But, unexpectedly, Ivan again amazed the fans by reuniting with Vera Panfilova. Who knows, maybe the couple will still reach the registry office. Ivan shows great promise professionally, he is young and handsome it’s time to conquer new heights.

most beautiful Russian actors Kirill Grebenshchikov
Kirill Grebenshchikov

Kirill Grebenshchikov was born on June 22, 1972, he is a native Muscovite. With a tall and athletic figure, the actor managed to break into the field of cinema in adulthood and become a favorite of housewives. Cyril is the star of many Russian TV series.

The future actor was born into a family of theatergoers, parents often took the young talent with them to performances. The young talent graduated from the production department of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Kirill Grebenshchikov played his first cameo role in 1992 in the film “Russian Novel”, in 1999 he also starred in an episode of the film “The Barber of Siberia”. But the real success brought the artist a role in the TV series “Thirty”. Then there was Kirill’s successful project in the TV series “Seraphima the Beautiful”. The domestic audience also fell in love with the series “Pregnancy Test” with the participation of the actor. After this role, he was “showered” with new proposals.

Cyril can be called an exemplary family man. After all, having married the poetess Olga Grebenshchikova in 1994, the couple never parted. From time to time, new “happy” photos of the spouses appear, which make it clear that the lovers are enjoying their time together. The spouses travel frequently.

Kirill Grebenshchikov has earned the viewer’s love, because in him external beauty is successfully combined with a strong character, loyalty, love for the viewer.

Pavel Tabakov
Pavel Tabakov

Young handsome Pavel Tabakov was born on August 1, 1995 in Moscow. Despite the fact that the actor was born in a wealthy family, he does not strive for the image of the “golden boy”, but prefers to achieve success on his own.

Pavel is the son of famous actors Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina. For the first time on the stage of the theater, the young actor appeared at the age of 12, playing a role in the production of “Lunar Monster”. After participating in the theatrical performance “Thugs”, Pavel finally decided to connect his life with the theater, enrolling in school with his famous father. To his son, Tabakov senior was more demanding than the rest of the students.

The artist’s debut role took place in 2014 in the film “Star”. The potential of Tabakov Jr. as an actor was appreciated by the audience after his role in the film “Orleans”. The audience well noted the role of Pavel in the film “The Duelist”, where he successfully got used to the role of a man forced to “shoot” for money. Among the series in which Tabakov Jr. starred, it is worth highlighting “Ekaterina. Takeoff”.

The actor is very amorous. He boasts novels with such beauties as Liza Kostyukova, Taisiya Vilkova, Maria Fomina, Sofya Sinitsyna. Perhaps, Paul’s suspiciousness was the reason for the parting. He believes that all companions are looking for only benefit from meeting with him. Thinking about the future, the son of Oleg Tabakov talks about plans to have at least 2 children.

Surprisingly, Pavel Tabakov himself does not strive for material wealth. He travels by metro and willingly communicates with journalists on an equal footing.

most beautiful Russian actors Anton Batyrev
Anton Batyrev, most beautiful Russian actors

Getting real pleasure from filming a movie, Anton Batyrev is on the 6th line of the rating of the most beautiful domestic actors. He was born on June 10, 1981 in Saratov. Tall growth, correct posture and well-honed facial features attract increased attention to him.

Young Anton Batyrev entered the Academy of Chemical Technologies, but did not stay there for a long time. A year later, he entered the Yaroslavl Theater School, starting his long journey towards the dream of creative self-realization. Later, the future star begins to work at the Kiselev Youth Theater.

Anton began his career in the field of cinema with serials:

  • Pyatnitsky.
  • Karpov.
  • “The Department”.

After these filming, he earned the love of the viewer, the actor began to be recognized on the street. As a rule, due to courageous features, he is offered the roles of doctors, athletes, big businessmen, civil servants. And, I must say, he copes with them perfectly.

Possessing traditional views, in his personal life, the actor takes on the role of a breadwinner, giving his chosen one the opportunity to organize family comfort. But, the first marriage of the actor broke up, not having lived a year. Unfortunately, Anton also broke up with his second wife, Catherine. However, this marriage gave the actor an heir. Today the actor publishes “happy” photos with his beloved Evgenia Loza. They met on the set of the series “On the Swing of Love”.

For all his employment, demand, Anton Batyrev tries to help charitable foundations. This courageous handsome man is also distinguished by his love for our smaller brothers.

Danila Dunaev
Danila Dunaev, most beautiful Russian actors

Danila Dunaev opens the five most beautiful Russian actors. He not only plays on the stage of theater and cinema, but also enjoys music. Danila was born on July 15, 1981 in Moscow. With a psychological education, Danila seems to be able to reincarnate in any role, and his piercing gaze broke many hearts.

Danila Dunaev was born into the family of an athlete and an economist. After the tragic death of his father in 2002, the future actor was forced to take care of his sister and mother. Danila received his psychological education at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Then, he graduated from the Shchukin Theater School, after which he joined the Vakhtangov Theater. There he took part in the performances: “Dead Souls”, “Anna Karenina”, “Handsome Man”. However, Danila’s true love is the world of cinema. After filming in the series “Secrets of Palace Revolutions”, he became famous. No less popular were his roles in the films: “My Last First Love”, “May Rain”, “Divorce”, “The Best Film 2”.

The actor is distinguished by his tall stature, piercing eyes and an athletic build. It is not surprising that he is especially popular among the “fairer sex”. From the first wife Irina, the actor has 2 sons. The second marriage with Elena Dunaeva gave Danila a daughter. He in every possible way denies numerous connections on the side, but every now and then journalists find him in the company of nice colleagues.

Danila tried himself as a director. He is also involved in music, loves hip-hop and started the DDBAND group. The handsome handsome man finds time to teach acting, paying special attention to the psychological component in the courses.

most beautiful Russian actors Vladimir Yaglych
Vladimir Yaglych, most beautiful Russian actors

The star of military pictures, Vladimir Yaglych was born on January 14, 1983 in Moscow. He can successfully play both a military soldier and a doctor, an athlete, or a prince. Possessing natural charisma, tall stature, strong body and beautiful eyes, he is a favorite of Russian spectators.

Vladimir’s dad was an officer, the future actor himself wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, however, in the end he graduated from the VTU im. Shchukin. It is noteworthy that he entered there because of a girl who was sympathetic to a young womanizer.

On the stage of the Moscow Academic Theater, Vladimir Yaglych took part in productions:

  • “The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood”.
  • “A plague on both your houses.”
  • “The horses are fastidious.”

The actor’s debut roles in the cinema were “At an unnamed height”, “My Prechistenka”. In the first picture, he played a lieutenant, in the second a prince. Later, there were roles in the series: “Soldiers”, “Not Born Beautiful”, “Two Fates”. The audience also liked the role of the actor in the film “We are from the future”.

It is no wonder that, having an attractive brutal appearance, the actor easily wins women’s hearts. He was even married to one of the most beautiful domestic actresses Svetlana Khodchenkova. However, this marriage only lasted 5 years. The handsome man did not grieve for long, and after a while he had an affair with another beauty the figure skater Oksana Domnina. The next love episode was with actress Antonina Paperna. Now Antonina and Vladimir are inseparable, they are raising a child together and periodically share with fans family photos soaked in happiness.

Pavel Priluchny
Pavel Priluchny, most beautiful Russian actors

On the third line of the rating of the most beautiful actors is the domestic conqueror of women’s hearts Pavel Priluchny. He was born on November 5, 1987 in Shymkent. The handsome handsome man became famous for his numerous roles in modern TV series.

As a child, Pavel attended choreographic classes and a boxing section. At the age of 14, he could boast of the title of candidate for master of sports. Pavel Priluchny received his acting education at the Novosibirsk Theater School.

For the first time on the stage of cinema, the actor appeared in the series “School No. 1”. The roles in the films “Club”, “At the Game” brought fame and general love of the audience to the sporting handsome man. And after the release of the series “Major”, there was simply no end to Pavel’s fans.

The actor had beautiful romantic stories with charming beauties. So, he met with Nikki Reed and Renata Piotrowski. With his current wife Agata Muceniece, Pavel met on the set of the series “Closed School”. The couple is raising a daughter and son in severity. Lovers often quarrel, but simply cannot live without each other. Despite the rumors about the betrayal of the star handsome, they are still together.

Undoubtedly, attractive, tall and athletic Pavel will be in demand and loved by the domestic audience for a very long time.

most beautiful Russian actors Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov, most beautiful Russian actors

Alexander Petrov is one of the most sought-after Russian actors. Rumor has it that the directors are fighting among themselves for the opportunity to invite Alexander to the main role in the film. And it is not surprising that born on January 25, 1989, this young blond with a piercing “predatory” gaze wins the hearts of the viewer.

Young Alexander was fond of football and did not dream of movie roles. But, the head injury, made me forget about sports ambitions. Therefore, the future movie star enters the RATI (GITIS) at the directing department.

Alexander made his stage debut in the productions of Shylock and Hamlet. In the cinema, the first works were in the films: “While the fern is blooming”, “Abkhazian tale”, “August. Eighth The viewers especially liked the films “Yolki-3” and “Love in the Big City 3” with the participation of the actor.

And after the release of the series “Policeman from Rublyovka”, few of the fair sex did not fall in love with a handsome policeman. To reveal himself in a different role, Alexander was helped by his work in the paintings “Gogol. Beginning Gogol. Viy Gogol. Terrible revenge. Alexander is not one of those actors who likes to flaunt his personal life. It is known that he had a 10-year-long affair with Daria Emelyanova. And, after filming the film “Attraction”, the actor became interested in his colleague on the set Irina Starshenbau. But in the end, she was not taken to the registry office. Now Alexander is dating another beauty Stasya Miloslavskaya.

The acting career of Alexander Petrov can serve as an example of how beautiful external data coupled with talent help to achieve success on stage and frenzied popularity.

most beautiful Russian actors Maxim Matveev
Maxim Matveev, most beautiful Russian actors

Maxim Matveev became the leader of the rating of the most beautiful Russian actors. He was born on July 28, 1982 in the Kaliningrad region. The actor does not rely only on attractive appearance, he is convinced that the artist must constantly improve himself.

Mom, a philologist and stepfather, a sailor, raised the future star of the Russian stage. However, the young Maxim himself, for a long time could not decide on his vocation. He wanted to become a doctor, but by chance, he was noticed by Vladimir Smirnov, who invited the young talent to the Saratov Conservatory. Subsequently, Maxim graduated from the Moscow Art Theater.

Debut works of Maxim Matveyev as an artist took place in the theatrical performances “God’s Clown” and “Don Juan”. Perhaps the most popular work of the handsome star on the theatrical stage is The Ideal Husband. It is not a problem for an actor to lose 20 kg for a coveted role, he is ready for exhausting work on himself. And all in order to “get used to” the image.

Maxim Matveev is mainly invited to play leading roles.

So, he became the star of the pictures: “Hipsters”, “New Year’s Tariff”, “Thank you for love”, “The Heifers”, “Loves does not love”.

In the artist’s personal life, there were 2 marriages. The first with the Latvian actress Jana Sekste, was short-lived. The lovers parted as friends. The second marriage with the famous actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya is a real union of two loving hearts, which he gave the spouses a son. The artists live in different cities, but their meetings are saturated with romantic feelings. Many fans believe that Elizabeth and Maxim are made for each other.

Undoubtedly, the actor Maxim Matveev uses not only chic natural data, but also works hard on himself, trying to create the highest quality product for the viewer.