50 major Russian celebrities of 2013

50 major Russian celebrities of 2013
50 major Russian celebrities of 2013. In the photo – Filipp Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

Forbes Russia has listed 50 major Russian celebrities of 2013 for the tenth time. Year-on-year in the ranking of celebrities flashes
 one and the same person. All counts – creative celebrities income for the year, the number of mentions in the media and requests to “Yandex”. Russian pedestal, excluding athletes, is occupied by show business – singers, comedians and other artists that became popular around the same time with the advent of the new Russia, or even in the Soviet era. Alla Pugacheva, Orbakajte – her daughter, ex-husband Philip Kirkorov, her current husband Maxim Galkin, and their friend Nikolai Baskov are traditionally in top 20.

Russian celebrities
Tennis player Maria Sharapova after two years returned to first place in the ranking of stars with an income of $ 29 million. 50 major Russian celebrities of 2013

Famous Russian athletes

The real world stars can be called Russian athletes performing on the West. Tennis player Maria Sharapova after two years returned to first place in the ranking of stars with an income of $ 29 million, surpassing the previous champion, Mikhailov. Mary is not only cleverly sending the ball to the corners of courts and signing multi-million dollar advertising contracts, but also takes up her own business – the company produces chewing gum and candy. Well, Forbes lists also Russian NHL stars – Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Ilya Kovalchuk.

Alexander Ovechkin. Income of $ 16.8 million. Made his debut for the national team of Russia at 17 in the hockey club “Dynamo” (Moscow), having become its youngest player in history. Washington Capitals captain. in 2008 signed her record contract in NHL history – 13 years and $ 124 million. Owner of a large number of sports awards and titles, including three-time top scorer of the regular season (Maurice Richard Trophy), three-time most valuable player (Hart Memorial Trophy). The most successful advertising in the commercial sense, hockey player: multi-year promotional contract with Nike, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, recently signed another one – from Coca-Cola.

50 major Russian celebrities of 2013
Grigory Leps. Income of $ 15 million Honored Artist of Russia (2011), two awards ‘Chanson Year’ seven ‘Golden Gramophone’

Famous Russian singers

During recent years, were added Stas Mikhailov, Elena Vayenga, Grigory Leps, and there is no doubt that they are in the stars rating to stay. After all, love of the Russians to chanson will never fade. Heroes are worthy of their audience. Therefore, the well-being of celebrities is growing – this year the total income of 50 stars was $ 236.5 million, an increase of – 11%.

Formally, this year for the first time in the list – singer Lolita and a troupe of former comedians “Ural dumplings”, producer-humorist Semyon Slepakov. There is a writer Dmitry Bykov, director Kirill Serebrennikov and Ivan Vyrypaev, a musician Vasya Oblomov, young and the increasingly popular actor Danila Kozlovsky.

50 names of major Russian celebrities of 2013

(last figure – income in $ millions)

  1. Maria Sharapova, Tennis, 29
  2. Grigory Leps, Pop music, 15
  3. Valery Gergiev, Classical music, 16.5
  4. Philip Kirkorov, Pop music, 9.7
  5. Alexander Ovechkin, Hockey, 16.8
  6. Stas Mikhailov, Pop music, 9.8
  7. Ksenia Sobchak, TV, 1.4
  8. Nikolai Baskov, Pop music, 8.9
  9. Natalia Vodianova, Model business, 8.6
  10. Andrey Arshavin, Football, 6.4
  11. Alla Pugacheva, Pop music, 2.5
  12. Niusha, Pop music, 3.8
  13. Evgeni Malkin, Hockey, 9
  14. Dima Bilan, Pop music, 4
  15. Ural dumplings, Humor, 2.8
  16. Ilya Kovalchuk, Hockey, 11
  17. Valeria, Pop music, 5.6
  18. Timati, Rap music, 2.5
  19. Ivan Urgant, TV, 2.7
  20. Alexander Kerzhakov, Football, 4.9
  21. Maxim Galkin, TV, 6.2
  22. Meladze, Pop music, 5
  23. Elena Vayenga, Pop music, 3
  24. Basta, Rap music, 2
  25. Alan Dzagoev, Football, 4.3
  26. Nikita Mikhalkov, Movie, 2.5
  27. Zemfira, Rock music, 2.5
  28. Andrei Malakhov, TV, 1.3
  29. Semen Slepakov, Humor, 3.5
  30. Oleg Gazmanov, Pop music, 4.4
  31. Anastasia Volochkova, Ballet, 1
  32. Tina Kandelaki, TV, 3.3
  33. Pavel Volya, Humor, 2.4
  34. Yuri Bashmet, Classical music, 3
  35. Evgeni Plushenko, Figure skating, 2.5
  36. Sergei Bezrukov, Movie, 1.2
  37. Ivan Okhlobystin, Movie, 2 2
  38. Fyodor Bondarchuk, Movie, 1.9
  39. Sergey Lazarev, Pop music, 1.4
  40. Michael Galustjan, Humor, 1.9
  41. Anna Semenovich, Pop music, 0.9
  42. Kristina Orbakajte, Pop music, 1
  43. Boris Akunin, Literature, 0.7
  44. Lolita, Pop music, 1.5
  45. Lube, Pop music, 2
  46. Gosha Kutsenko, Movie, 1.5
  47. Daria Dontsova, Literature, 1.3
  48. Denis Matsuev, Classical music, 1.7
  49. Dmitry Pevtsov, Movie, 1.2
  50. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Movie, 1

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