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Alexander Pal is a Russian theater and film actor, known to viewers for his roles in the films “Bitter”, “All at once”.

Biography of Alexander Pal

Pal Alexander Vladimirovich was born on December 16, 1988 in Chelyabinsk. Pal is the German surname of the father of the future actor, his ancestors were among the many Germans who were exiled to the Urals after the war, and who remained in Russia.

As a child, Alexander never thought about becoming an actor, never participated in school theatrical performances and concerts, preferring sports and outdoor games. In high school, having read 13 volumes of the book “I am a thief in law”, Alexander in all seriousness dreamed of following the author’s path, becoming a thief and going to prison. After school, it was difficult for him to immediately navigate the choice of the institute, he lived in Germany for some time, and on his return, on the advice of his uncle, he went to the theater studio. Pal is fond of theater and, unexpectedly for everyone, decides to become an actor.

Alexander Pal and Liza Yanovskaya
Alexander Pal and Liza Yanovskaya

Alexander leaves for Moscow and from the first attempt enters GITIS on the course of the legendary director L.E. Kheifits. After graduating from the institute, in 2012, Alexander first works at the theater. Vakhtangov, then at the MTYuZ, where he manages to play in the performances: “Ridiculous poem”, “Lieutenant from the island of Inishmore” and “Four-legged crow”, and since 2014 he has been a member of the troupe of the theater. Mayakovsky, where he immediately gets a role in the play “Berdichev”.

In the film
In the film “Roofing Robot”

Actor career

Aleksandr Pal got into the cinema right after his graduation performance at GITIS, where he was noticed by the casting director of Roman Karimov’s film “All at once”. In his first film, Pal plays a provincial kid in a tracksuit who dreams of getting rich quickly with his friends. Due to production difficulties, the film was released only a year after filming.

The second role brought Pali just nationwide love. After a small role in the comedy “Bitter” in 2013, where he plays Hipar, the brother of the protagonist, Alexander Pal woke up famous. This character has become perhaps the most memorable not only in the film, but, perhaps, in all Russian cinema in recent years.

In 2014, the sequel to the comedy “Bitter 2” will be released, and in 2015 viewers will see Paul in the film “Rag Union”, in which he is currently filming with director Mikhail Mestetsky.

The film
The film “Deeper”

All filmography

  1. 2021 Nobody
  2. 2020 Deeper!
  3. 2019 Russian short. Issue 4
  4. 2019 Fidelity
  5. 2018 No
  6. 2018 Russian Brief. Issue 1
  7. 2017 Life ahead
  8. 2017 About love. For adults only
  9. 2016Good day
  10. 2016 Good Boy
  11. 2016 Petersburg. Only for love
  12. 2016 Icebreaker
  13. 2015 Hardcore (uncensored)
  14. 2015 Without Borders
  15. Rag Union 2015
  16. The guy from our cemetery 2015
  17. Wonderland 2015
  18. 2015 Hardcore
  19. 2014 All at once (START)
  20. 2014 Unintentionally
  21. All at once 2014
  22. Bitter! 2 2014
  23. 2013 Bitter!
Rag union
Rag union
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Movie Nobody
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