Anapa lighthouse

Anapa lighthouse
Anapa lighthouse

A raging sea and a lighthouse that sends light to ships that are on their way in such bad weather. The signal towers found today in resort towns on the coast have long been a real salvation for those caught in a storm. Now, most of these places are steeped in stories and legends, with a touch of romance, which is why tourists love them.

Anapa lighthouse also has its own destiny. True, his goal was to warn about the shallow waters off this Black Sea coast. It was built for a long time, more than 10 years, and was altered several times. As a result, the lighthouse turned out to be 21 meters high, and its light was visible at a distance of almost 30 kilometers from it.

However, today we cannot see the structure, the first stone of which was laid at the end of the 19th century. During the Great Patriotic War, Anapa was captured by the Germans. In 1943, retreating in battles with the Soviet army, they blew up the lighthouse …

The one that now stands here was only rebuilt in 1955. Now it is a secure facility, so no one is allowed inside. You can only look and photograph it from the outside.

Anapa lighthouse

History of the Anapa lighthouse

The Anapa lighthouse, which stood in the late 19th – early 20th centuries, was significantly different from what we see now. Its history began with a wooden building with goats and kerosene lamps. And only then the tower appeared. It was quadrangular, while the modern one has eight faces. There was a two-story house next to it; it was specially made for the staff of the lighthouse. In addition, there were service rooms and cellars.

What to see

Anapa embankment would not be so charming if not a lighthouse. He definitely adds some atmosphere to it. Therefore, in the warm season there are many strollers here. A cafe was opened for them, where, having settled down more comfortably with a view of the sea panorama, you can order some delicious local cuisine.

In the evening, the lighthouse turns on automatically, directing a red beam into the darkness of the sea. And at dawn it also turns off “on its own”. You will see how this happens if you come at the appropriate time of day.

Anapa lighthouse

Anapa lighthouse at different times of the year

The sea, rustling with small pebbles on the shore. A steep slope, and on it a tower, touching its top with white clouds. This is how the Anapa lighthouse looks like in summer. There are always a lot of tourists here. Some just walk, others go down to the beach, others stay to watch the sunset. By the way, during the season you will be offered to look at the stars and the moon through a telescope for a reasonable fee.

It’s beautiful here in spring when everything starts to turn green. It’s still cool and windy in March, so wear a windproof jacket.

In late autumn, the picture of the stormy sea is mesmerizing. The waves rush to the shore, as if they want to reach the lighthouse. In winter, it merges with nature. A gray-white building and the same colors you will see on the slope: a little snow and thawed patches.