Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998

Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998 4

Biography of Anna Malova

Anna Aleksandrovna Malova. She was born in 1971 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). Russian model. Miss Russia – 1998.

Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998

Anna Malova was born in 1971 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). Father – Alexander Grigorievich Malov, worked in managerial positions at the Gorky Automobile Plant. When Anna was 4 years old, the family moved to Yaroslavl, where her father was transferred to the position of deputy director of the Yaroslavl diesel enterprise.

Since the early 1980s, Anna’s father became the general director of the Tutaevsky Motor Plant (KAMAZ dealer) in the Yaroslavl Region. From an early age, Anna Malova was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, fulfilled a candidate for master of sports.

Donald Trump - co-owner of Miss Universe
Donald Trump – co-owner of Miss Universe

She graduated from high school in Yaroslavl. Then she entered the Yaroslavl Medical Institute at the medical faculty, studied in the specialty of psychotherapy. The spectacular girl was noticed by modeling agencies. She was invited to participate in beauty contests.

The beginning of a modeling career

At the end of 1992, she tried herself in the “Supermodel of Russia” model competition in Moscow. In 1993 she became one of the vice-miss at the “Face of Shaping-93” competition in St. Petersburg. In the same year she took part in the Miss Volga contest, which was a commercial cruise on a 4-deck motor ship.

At the competition, she became the 1st vice-miss. At Miss Russia – 93, Anna Malova took second place, losing to 16-year-old Anna Baychik from St. Petersburg. In November 1993 she took part in the international competition Miss Baltic Sea – 94, which took place on board a Finnish cruise ship. The final was held during a stop in the city of Pori, and Malova took first place.

Anna on the set of the movie at the Grand Central Station, New York 1999
Anna on the set of the movie at the Grand Central Station, New York 1999

After graduating from the Yaroslavl Medical Institute, she did not work in her specialty. In 1994 she took part in the Miss World – 94 contest in the Republic of South Africa. But in the end, Malova did not make it to the TOP-10. But Anna at “Miss World – 94” was noticed by Eileen Ford, who was present there – the owner of a large American modeling agency, was going to invite a Russian woman to work in the United States.

However, Malova remained in Moscow and began to work as a fashion model for Yudashkin and Grekov. In the summer of 1996, she went to Miami for an advertising photo shoot for Alexei Grekov, where representatives of the American Click agency drew attention to her.

Anna Malova and Paul Sorvino at the Toronto Film Festival, Canada 2003.
Anna Malova and Paul Sorvino at the Toronto Film Festival, Canada 2003.

Work abroad

Anna was invited to work in New York. She has participated in fashion shows for Fendi and Gianfranco Ferre, starred in video ads for Armani. Her photo was published by Vogue and Top Model magazines. In New York, Malova lived in an apartment on the 30th floor of the Trump Tower, located on the prestigious 5th Avenue of Manhattan. Carried out an acquaintance with Donald Trump.

In 1998 Anna Malova became the owner of the Miss Russia title. Then she represented Russia at the Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Honolulu (Hawaii). Among 81 participants, Anna Malova took 10th place.

Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998 2

Then she had a collaboration with the cosmetics company L’Oreal and the jewelry company Chopard USA Ltd. In 2002, Anna was a presenter on the Home Shopping Network, which specializes in the couch shop genre.

Later she prepared reports on the social life of New York on the Russian-language TV channel RTN. She was involved in charity work – collaborated with the Carousel of Hope, which raises money for people with diabetes.

In 2008, journalists drew attention to changes in Anna’s appearance – a pale, haggard, broken nose. The media wrote that the model was addicted to drugs.

early 2000s
early 2000s
Drugs and jail

Later, her bad habits and poor financial situation were made public in 2010, when the world news reported about her arrest by the New York police.

In 2010, Malova was treated under free health insurance, which is issued to the poor. It was established that Anna stole prescription forms from her psychotherapist, and then prescribed and bought Vicodin narcotic pain pills.

Three months later, she again came to the attention of the police. Psychotherapist Katarina Fedeli addressed the law enforcement officers. As it turned out, after the next session with Malova, the doctor’s prescription forms disappeared. The re-arrest led to new litigation and monetary payments.

Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998 6

Despite the dubious reputation, the former model managed to stay free. A few months later, Malova was caught by the police about an attempt to steal – she wanted to take sandals and a sun hat out of the store. The total cost of the damage was estimated at only $ 145.

She faced a seven-year prison sentence. However, the judge was as loyal to the former model as possible, and therefore, instead of a real term, she was ordered to undergo compulsory drug addiction treatment in one of the Bronx clinics.

article in Elle-Russia 1997.
article in Elle-Russia 1997.

Here Malova spent several months in 2011, trying to get rid of her addictions. But there Anna had a fight with one of the prisoners, which is why she ended up in prison. In 2013, Anna Malova was released.

He continues to live in New York. It is known that after her release, she got a job in a Manhattan beauty salon, and later, in 2015, became a stylist for the famous American fashion magazine Traphic Magazine.

Anna Malova Miss Universe 1998

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