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Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, a famous Russian actress and presenter, was lucky in this regard: her daughter, Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk, is a well-bred girl, has two higher economic educations, never got into the media with a description of blatant biographical facts. She is still quite young, and, quite possibly, she will be able to become famous, if not on stage or on the big screen, then by her professional profile.

There are a lot of articles about Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk lately in the media and on the Internet, but almost everywhere her name is mentioned in connection with the situation around her mother, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. It’s a shame that such a sweet and pleasant girl is simply pulled by the ears to scandalous fame: she was allegedly offered tens of millions for declassifying information about her mother’s illness, then they begin to dig into her “erotic” past, or they raise a high wave of dirt about her childhood passion for Gothic culture …

If we are to write about Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk, then it is worth talking about her childhood and adolescence, about why she did not become an actress, like a mother – and after all, she has all the data for this! Now on social networks, Anna has almost zero activity, and more recently she showed herself as a popular blogger. Opening brand clothing stores in Moscow in the summer are also good prospects: maybe she will soon become the main trendsetter of the capital’s fashion?

Anna Zavorotnyuk
Anna Zavorotnyuk

The story about Anna’s family should start with her heroic great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers – her mother, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, told about their past on her Instagram. In a post dedicated to the next Victory Day holiday, the artist not only published photos of her grandparents on her mother’s side, she wrote in detail about their participation in the Great Patriotic War.

Anya can be proud of her ancestors: Boris Ivanovich remained in the ranks throughout the war, distinguished himself in battles during the liberation of Poland from the Nazis, lost one eye at the front (blown up by a mine). His wife, Anna Andreevna, spent the whole war in the rear, waiting for her husband from the front, and also drank a full life of hard life. Anastasia also mentioned her other grandfather (on the paternal side): Ani’s great-grandfather Andrei Ivanovich also fought, thank God he remained alive, after the war his life was long and eventful.

There is nothing on the Internet about Anna’s grandfather and grandmother on her father’s side – they, like their son, Dmitry Stryukov, were far from art and even more so from the attention of the press, therefore it is impossible to get information about them. But my mother’s parents are not only famous people, but also extraordinarily talented. Valentina Zavorotnyuk was for many years the leading actress of the Theater for Young Spectators in Astrakhan, where she played in many diverse performances, ranging from Bumbarash to Romeo and Juliet.

Finally, the conversation will focus on Anna’s famous mother – Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. An incredibly much has been written and rewritten about her. The actress who played the main role in “My Fair Nanny” and became famous throughout the country, the heroine of the action movie “Code of the Apocalypse”, the host of ice shows and entertainment programs – this has been mentioned thousands of times.

Anna Zavorotnyuk
Anna Zavorotnyuk

But for some reason, they rarely write about Anya’s mother that she is engaged in charity work – Anastasia provides information and material support to Dmitry Nagiyev’s Anna Charitable Foundation. The artist also took part in collecting gifts for sick children many times, calling her fans to this on social networks. And while participating in the project “You are super! Dancing “Anastasia admitted in an interview:” How hard it is to press the red button! They, these children, have endured so much – every time you are afraid to cause them one more grief. ”


Childhood of Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk

When the married couple Stryukovs had their eldest daughter (Anastasia took her husband’s surname), her mother was not yet a mega-famous personality in the cinematic environment, she appeared on television only once – in the lead role based on the film adaptation of Nabokov’s novel. But in the theatrical world, she has already begun to make progress, worked in the legendary “Snuffbox”.

Anya’s childhood was probably calm and happy: her dad, a businessman, and a mother, an aspiring actress, lived in perfect harmony then (the courts according to the stories of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk), tried to give her daughter everything she needed for a joyful life. She was still a preschool girl when mom Nastya and dad Dima decided to move to the USA – there Anna’s father founded a real estate company, secretly hoping to interest his wife in this business and distract her from her artistic career.

There is no exact information about whether Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk spent her entire childhood in Los Angeles, or still periodically lived in Russia. But it is known for certain that her younger brother Michael was born in America in this city. But the Stryukov family from time to time came in full force to their homeland, and on one of these visits Anya’s mother was unexpectedly invited to a casting for the film “My Fair Nanny” – a sudden call with an invitation rang out when they were vacationing in Anapa.
Anastasia was whirled in a whirlpool of filming and deafening glory, and the other side of the parents ‘fame fell on the little girl: everyone and one was interested in the smallest details of the Stryukovs’ life. Probably, it was then that Ani’s subconscious rejection of the future was born in the cinema.

On the one hand – the admiration and envy of others, enthusiastic whispers from their peers, and on the other, the family literally went into a “state of siege”. Of course, the real estate business in America was abandoned by Anna’s mother: the shooting went on almost around the clock, the series of “The Perfect Nanny” did not go on the air, but were “thrown away” like hot cakes. Ani’s father and brother were also in Moscow at that time, and as the rest of the staff of the film crew of “Nanny” recall, dad brought the children almost while working on the film: mom shot so much that she came home literally for a few hours. Actor Boris Smolkin, who played a butler in the series, then in the program “Sincere Confession” on NTV said: “I saw with my own eyes how Nastya’s husband brought children – probably so that at least on the set they could talk a little.”

Mom, as best she could, fenced off the children from too close attention of the media, but at the same time Nastya wanted to ensure a successful future for her daughter. It turns out (this is also rarely mentioned) Anna’s mother in childhood dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but her dad was against this, and the dream did not come true. And Anastasia decided to realize her dream in her daughter – she sent her to a ballet class, took her to classes almost every day. But the dialogue that took place between the schoolgirl Anya and her mother is very fond of quoting – both Nastya and her daughter shared this with the press many times. Once again, sitting in the car next to her mother, the girl said in her hearts: “When will you realize that your dream and your choice do not have to be mine?” This was the last dance trip – Anya’s mother turned the car around and drove her daughter home.

How she survived the beginning discord between her parents and the subsequent divorce – Anna never told anyone about this, I mean the media. In the same program “Sincere Confession”, her mother shared with the viewers of the NTV channel how unbearable her husband was, how he naturally kept her in a “golden cage”, even allowed himself to raise his voice at her and insult her.
Nastya’s colleagues on “Nyana” also did not remain in debt – they said that Anastasia often came to the shooting of the next episode sad and even crying. What was going on in the soul of the girl Ani at that time – probably only her grandparents knew about this, with whom she probably discussed it. Divorce with high-profile scandals, which were gladly covered by journalists, the division of property, mutual accusations of former spouses: this completely convinced little Anya that being a famous person is a great evil.


Experience in cinema, youth

After all, she then “lit up” on the television screen: Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk played “nanny Vika” in childhood, and her mother starred instead of Lyubov Polishchuk in the last season of “My Fair Nanny”. Later, as a teenager, she appeared in the series “Closed School”, where she was not involved in the main role, but attracted attention with her beautiful appearance and good artistic skills. Most biographies of Anna Stryukova write that she dreamed of “following in her mother’s footsteps” – what nonsense! Anastasia herself in an interview on the Moscow 24 channel said: “She had to literally persuade her to act! I asked her: “Don’t you want to shine on this side of the screen? After all, you have all the data for this! ” And Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk answered me quite seriously: “I don’t want to, can you imagine? I want to be on the other side! ”

Probably, Anya was then at a crossroads, internally doubting whether to become, like a mother, an actress (and then both success and the “reverse side of the medal” of acting fate are guaranteed), or to go another way. Kino made another attempt to get her into its strong web. In the same 2012, when she appeared on TV “Closed School”, a young Penza rapper invited the girl to star in a video for his song “Memories are ruining.” The video turned out great: a story of youthful love full of romanticism, put on a single by Artyom Bizin (that same rapper), and Anna – she perfectly played the girl of the main character. Artyom himself later told how he was pleasantly amazed by communication with Anya: “Mom is a star, and she is so calm, not arrogant, educated and sociable!”

There is information that Anya spent the last years of her school education in England – it is not known exactly where she studied, but she entered a higher educational institution in Moscow. The girl submitted documents to Moscow State University, to the Higher School of Social Sciences. Behind her was a period of her fascination with the Goths – as a teenager, Anna was seriously “fanatical” of this subculture, dressing, doing her hair and using makeup in a dark black style. The girl later said that during her graduation from school and early student days, the “Barbie period” began, which her mother was incredibly happy about. And television attracted and called: after seeing Anna Stryukova-Zavorotnyuk in the series “Closed School” and in the video of Artyom Bizin, the management of the Domashny channel invited the girl to the role of the host in the project “Get a Star”.


Latest news about Anna

Anna reacted unequivocally to the hype around her mother in connection with the alleged serious illness of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk – with complete silence and ignoring the questions that fell upon her. She eventually got tired of cleaning her Instagram direct, blocking especially intrusive curious people, and wrote in an open letter: “Leave me and my family alone.” Now this post can no longer be found in the public domain: it has been deleted, except that it can be seen on some resources, where they managed to make a screen with the text.

She also spoke briefly and sharply about gossip about the huge money for the interview. Anna said that it is in vain that someone is trying to discredit Andrei Malakhov in the wake of the hype: “Malakhov did not offer me any fifteen million – this is a blatant and blatant lie.” The girl completely closed her accounts for discussing her mother’s illness, she does not give any comments, which earned a huge number of dissatisfied statements on the Internet addressed to her. Lovers of the “strawberry” spitefully reproach her for callousness and indifference: “What right does she have to hide details from us?” Has, and every right! Only at what price this silence is given to her – only she knows.

Photos confirming this have not surfaced on the Internet, but this is not important: this is only Anna’s personal matter, how and when she comes to the hospital to Anastasia and what gifts she brings to her. The girl keeps herself in control and does not show how hard it is for her from all this hype. Her fans sincerely hope that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will soon please everyone with her recovery, and that everything will work out in Anna’s family.


About her personal life Anna Zavorotnyuk

The first young man who was noticed by the paparazzi next to the daughter of Nastya Zavorotnyuk was the now incredibly famous Yegor Creed, who was just starting his musical career at that time. Known so far as the singer of KReeD, he was spotted in Anya’s photos on social networks.
The young people in the photo are captured in a cafe, where they have a nice conversation, another photo shows how the young man is holding Anna in his arms. Most likely, their acquaintance did not happen without the help of Artem Bizin, because Yegor Bulatkin often performed with him at the beginning of his career. Prior to that, the future mega-star of “Black Star” was rumored to have met with the singer Nyusha, and the media did not miss an opportunity to gloat: “Of course, mom is a famous actress better than dad is a producer!” – hinted at Anya’s mother and Nyusha’s father.

Anna Stryukova

In the mid-2010s, Anna herself notified the public about her young man by posting photos with Mansur Dzhamaldaev on VK. The young man’s mother, Roza Dzhamaldaeva, is a doctor by training, a doctor of psychotherapy; Mansur has four more brothers and sisters. The father of the young man is Bislan Abdulmuslimov, a prominent businessman of Chechen origin, who has been living with his family since 1999 in the Baltic States. The fact of the appearance of Anna Zavorotnyuk’s “official” life partner was very vigorously discussed in the media, there were even suggestions that the couple would get married – a beautiful ring was seen on the ring finger of Anya’s right hand.

Subsequently, assumptions were made that Anna and Mansur did get married, only secretly. Anya denied these rumors and announced on her social networks that she and Mansur are no longer dating and not married. Now nothing is known about her personal life – the girl very carefully hides any details on this topic. She broadly publicizes only her business career. At the end of the summer of 2019, through her Instagram, the girl invited everyone to the D8 stores that had opened in Moscow: “Come to us for a fitting!”