Anton Batyrev

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Anton Batyrev

Anton Batyrev is a theater and film actor, best known for his role as police officer Tereshchenko from the TV series Pyatnitsky and Karpov, investigator Sukharev from the melodrama Karina Krasnaya, as well as Andrei from the thriller To Survive After.

Evgenia Loza - wife of Anton Batyrev
Evgenia Loza – wife of Anton Batyrev

Biography of Anton Batyrev

Anton Batyrev was born in Moscow on June 10, 1981. Anton’s parents wanted their son to continue the family tradition, studying to be an engineer or an architect. But already in his teens, he firmly decided that he would become an actor. After school, he entered the Theater Institute of the Saratov State Conservatory. L.V. Sobinov, after which he began performing at the Theater for Young Spectators named after. Kiseleva.

Diamond Endgame, directed by Peter Amelin, 2017
Diamond Endgame, directed by Peter Amelin, 2017

The actor first appeared on the screens in the series “General Therapy”, after which his career went smoothly. Soon Anton took part in the filming of the acclaimed TV series “Karpov” and “Pyatnitsky” – after these roles they began to recognize him on the streets and ask for autographs. He gained even more popularity thanks to his role in the sitcom Real Boys. In 2019, Batyrev starred in the leading roles in Ukrainian films: “Not women’s work”, “Looking into the distance” and “Mop”, and in 2020 – “You are only mine.”

Film Nothing Happens Twice, 2019
Film Nothing Happens Twice, 2019

Anton tries to keep his personal life secret, but it is known that the actor was married twice. His first wife, Ekaterina Batyreva, gave him a son, Dobrynya. And the second time he married actress Yevgenia Loza. Their wedding took place on June 4, 2019, but in May 2020, Evgenia announced that she and Anton were parting ways. The actor likes to spend his free time with his son and reading. In particular, he loves Sergei Yesenin and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

All filmography

  1. 2019 Mop
  2. 2019 Mop (START)
  3. Christmas tree in a million 2019
  4. 2018 Nothing Happens Twice
  5. 2018 Angel’s Blood
  6. The Shroud 2018
  7. Old ladies on the run2018
  8. Moscow Captive 2018
  9. 2017 Police officer’s wife
  10. 2017 someone else’s happiness
  11. A consequence of love 2017
  12. 2015 Double solid
  13. 2015 Karina Krasnaya
  14. Shadow of a dragonfly 2015
  15. 2014 believe me
  16. 2014 A tablet from tears
  17. 2013 Vanka
  18. 2013 Bitter scent (Family happiness)
  19. Moving 2013
  20. 2012 katina love
  21. 2011Pyatnitsky
  22. 2011Pastas
  23. 2009 Glitter
  24. Ultimate Depth (2014)

Dubbing actor

  • 2012 Rapunzel: Happy forever
  • 2011 Phineas and Ferb: Conquering the Second Dimension
Series: “Pyatnitsky”