Big Sochi Dolphinarium

Big Sochi Dolphinarium
Big Sochi Dolphinarium

A show with dolphins is always a storm of emotions. These amazing animals do not just want to look, but to touch, pat on the head or swim together, grabbing a fin. There is some kind of magic in this: they not only give joy, but also are able to positively influence our body.

There are whole techniques that are called “dolphin therapy”. The Big Sochi Dolphinarium is not just an entertainment, but also a health center.

The performance hall in Sochi is designed for 1,300 spectators and is always full. Its artists are six dolphins, a baby dolphin, as well as white whales Gosha and Glasha, sea lioness Elizabeth and walruses. A complete set of exotic animals that will delight both children and adults.

An hour-long show program at the dolphinarium runs from Tuesday to Sunday twice a day, at 13:00 and 16:00. And so all year round. Moreover, if during the beach season huge queues line up here, then in autumn and winter you can safely take a seat and see a beautiful program.

Entrance to the Great Sochi Dolphinarium
Entrance to the Great Sochi Dolphinarium

What do the Big Sochi Dolphinarium like for vacationers

  • During the show, the trainers will tell you a lot about dolphins. So you combine business with pleasure.
  • A photo with marine life in the Big Sochi Dolphinarium is a must-see point for coming here. So check your phone’s charging or take your camera with you.
  • And there is also the opportunity to swim with the dolphins in the pool, and this is an incredible experience! True, they will cost a lot, and it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to spend or not.
  • Since 2016, the Big Sochi Dolphinarium has been running the Beluga Whale Therapy program. The ultrasonic signals emitted by these whales have a whole range of medicinal properties.
  • Vacationers note that it is very convenient when so many entertainments are gathered in one place at once. Indeed, in addition, there is a zoo, a penguinarium, a butterfly garden, and children’s museums. So plan a full day here.
Seal performance
Seal performance

Dolphinarium pluses

  1. location in the city center
  2. excellent view from all locations
  3. a wide range of additional services

Cons of the dolphinarium

  1. high prices
  2. long lines during the summer season