Crocodile farm in Anapa

Crocodile farm in Anapa

Crocodile farm in Anapa

In Anapa, on the contrary, the Crocodile Farm is waiting for all children and adults. It’s not scary at all. Let’s just say – there is nothing to be afraid of, but feeding a large reptile is still a little creepy. We did not make a reservation, indeed, here you can not only look at the animals, but also stretch the fish to them on a fishing rod. A well-fed crocodile, as a rule, first pretends not to notice you. You are already beginning to think that it will not eat, as he abruptly opens his mouth and in an instant grabs a fish. So hold on tight! Safety is monitored by specialists, feeding takes place under their supervision.

Nile and Siamese crocodiles live on the Anapa farm. The Nile is the largest in Africa and the second largest in the world among its relatives. Its name comes, as you know, from the river in which it lives.

Crocodile farm in Anapa

The Siamese crocodile is native to Southeast Asia, found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries of that direction. Usually these animals are three meters long.

If you want to arrange a vacation in Anapa with Asian notes – come to a crocodile farm, and then plan a trip to the Lotus Valley, where you will feel like in the tropics.

Interesting Facts of the Crocodile farm

The first crocodile farms in the world appeared in the 19th century. As now, they were of an entertainment nature: tourists came to see animals, which in wildlife it is not just scary to meet, but dangerous.

But in the 60s of the 20th century, the Mississippi alligator, which is found in the United States, became the Red Book. Since then, farms have begun to be opened everywhere, their task was not so much to amuse the public, but to preserve different types of reptiles, creating all the necessary conditions for them in captivity.

In addition, everyone knows the value of crocodile leather shoes and bags. Farms also partially fulfill the function of supplying this material. Indeed, in wildlife, most of the species of these animals are on the verge of extinction, and their prey is considered poaching.

Crocodile farm in Anapa

What to see

More than 50 crocodiles live on the farm! And when you look at everyone, and feed some more, go to the extreme show. Of course, not dolphins – crocodiles will not jump over the hoop and dance to the music. But the sight of how the farm employees come within arm’s reach to the reptiles and make them move, controlling them with a stick, takes their breath away.

Go ahead and watch the other inhabitants of the farm. And you thought there were only crocodiles? Here are cobras, anacondas and pythons. And then turtles and rabbits, which you can pet and feed.

Crocodile farm at different times of the year

You can get to the crocodile farm only during the warm season. Its opening to visitors falls on the end of spring. As a rule, on May holidays, when the first tourist wave is celebrated before the beach season, vacationers come here. And in the summer, real queues line up: there are a lot of people who want to watch the show with crocodiles, or even feed them themselves. All enclosures are open-air.

In autumn, usually in October, the crocodile farm is closed. Still, tropical animals, and even a mild winter is a test for them. Therefore, all conditions are created for the animals to feel comfortable.