Danila Dunaev

Danila Dunaev

Danila Leonidovich Dunaev – composer and member of the musical group “DD”, theater and film actor. He is best known for the television adventure film “Young Wolfhound”, the series “Montecristo” and the historical film “Vivat, Anna Ioannovna”.

Elena Dunaeva and Danila Dunaev
Elena Dunaeva and Danila Dunaev

Danila Dunaev was born on July 15, 1981 in Moscow, becoming the second child in the family. His mother Larisa worked as an economist, and his father Leonid was a renowned athlete, multiple champion of the country and the world in fencing. Danil was brought up with his older sister.

Biography of Danila Dunaev

His childhood was very eventful: in addition to his passion for computer science, he took music lessons and showed good results in sports thanks to the influence of his father.

The boy was engaged in freestyle wrestling, karate, swimming and, of course, fencing. Dunaev Sr. devoted many hours to training with his son, teaching him the art and subtleties of fencing, but later noticed that Danila’s successes remained very mediocre, and decided not to insist. The teenager started playing basketball, but even here, despite his first successes, he quickly got bored. Then my mother intervened and suggested that he give in to the humanities, recommending the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Danila Dunaev and Svetlana Ivanova in the film
Danila Dunaev and Svetlana Ivanova in the film “Pregnancy Test”

Dunaev entered the Moscow Aviation Institute at the Faculty of Social Psychology. However, he was not able to work in his specialty. Having joined the KVN team, Danila began to attend the institute solely for the sake of rehearsals and performances. Nevertheless, he managed to graduate from the university with very good marks in his diploma.

Instead of looking for a job, the graduate went straight to the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. The head of the course was the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Yuri Shlykov. It was thanks to the exactingness of Yuri Veniaminovich and the seriousness of his approach to teaching students that Dunaev was noticed by filmmakers after participating in the play staged by the teachers of “Pike” on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater.

Images from the series
Images from the series “Ekaterina”

Back in his student years, Danila first appeared on the screen in Oleg Fomin’s adventure film “Young Wolfhound” (2007).

Soon he was approved for one of the key roles in the historical drama “Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Russia, 18th century. Film 7. Vivat, Anna Ioannovna “. The film was directed by Svetlana Druzhinina, who personally chose and approved the debutant for the role of Pyotr Sumarokov. This project brought fame and audience love to the aspiring actor.

The series
The series “Sweet life”

Over the next few years, Danila did not stop receiving offers for filming. So, in 2008 he starred in the sequel to the famous film “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” – “The Return of the Musketeers”, played two characters at once in the television comedy series “News”, repeated the success of the hero Pyotr Sumarokov in the film “Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Russia, 18th century. Film 8. The Hunt for the Princess “, won the hearts of spectators thanks to the melodrama” May Rain “and brilliantly played in a number of other successful films.

“Trigger” movie 2018

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