Daria Kremenetskaya will represent Russia at the “Miss Earth”

Daria Kremenskaya

Irkutsk woman Daria Kremenetskaya will represent Russia at the international beauty contest “Miss Earth”

22-year-old Daria Kremenetskaya won the all-Russian beauty contest “Miss Russia Earth”. The Irkutsk woman studies at two universities, is fond of astrophysics, teaches at a model school and works as a trainer in a children’s fitness club.

The path to the top of the Russian beauty Olympus turned out to be difficult. First – the special prize of the regional stage in Irkutsk, then the final in Moscow. Daria bypassed a dozen rivals, received a crown and even a special title – Miss Intellect. The girl says that her technical education helped her. Now she is completing her master’s degree in instrument engineering. Daria is studying “vortex currents under the air intakes of aircraft.”

Daria Kremenskaya

Daria Kremenetskaya is also a fighter for the environment. Therefore, she chose the Miss Earth contest, where, unlike Miss World or Miss Universe, the participants present to the jury not only their external data, but also must present a social or environmental project.

For Daria, as a native Irkutsk woman, the choice of the object of research was not difficult. After all, Baikal for her is not just a place to relax.

“I would like to present a project aimed at protecting the environmental problems of Lake Baikal. Now I am collecting various information, communicating with people about this. Collecting statistics. In order to present a more truthful project, and possibly even solutions,” says the owner of the title “Miss Russia Earth 2020 “Daria Kremenetskaya.

Daria Kremenetskaya

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