Dmitriy Pevtsov

Dmitriy Pevtsov

Dmitriy Pevtsov – One of the most versatile actors of our time, Honored and People’s Artist of Russia, holder of the Order of Honor. He gained wide popularity for playing in the Lenkom theater, as well as in famous Russian films and television series.

Gangster Petersburg
Gangster Petersburg

Biography of Dmitriy Pevtsov

Actor and musician Dmitriy Pevtsov was born in 1963 in Moscow. The family of the future boy had nothing to do with theater and cinema, but was widely known for its sports victories. Dmitry’s mother worked as a sports doctor, and his father was an honored coach of the country. Dmitry never wanted to be an actor. In addition, he did not even participate in the creative school evenings.

The young man was only interested in the hobbies of his parents – karate, equestrian sports and judo. Pevtsov was threatened only by sports and nothing but sports, but fate had its own plans for a sports young man. After graduating from school, Dmitry wanted to enter the Faculty of Physical Education at the Pedagogical Institute, but … ended up in GITIS.

Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova in their youth
Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova in their youth

For only a year, Dmitry was sent to serve in the armed forces in the theater of the Soviet army. After a year of service, he returned to the workshop of Knyazeva and Sudakova and became the headman of the course, which he graduated in 1985.

The GITIS graduate was gladly accepted into the Taganka Theater, but he immediately had to make his film debut. “I had to” because Dmitriy Pevtsov was never close to cinema. Pevtsov’s first role was the role of Jim in the film directed by Tatyana Lioznova based on Arthur Kopit’s play “The End of the World with a Subsequent Symposium”.

Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova
Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova

Then for the actor there was a break in filming

In 1990 he “shot” several pictures at once thanks to which he became famous. In the Soviet-Czechoslovak project “Dungeon of Witches” Dmitry played the leader of the savages Oktin Khash. Alexander Muratov’s action movie “Nicknamed” The Beast, “the actor got the main role of Savely Govorkov. And in the film adaptation of Gleb Panfilov’s novel “Mother” by Maxim Gorky, Dmitry played the role of Yakov Somov. For his work in this film, Singers received the Felix European Film Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. This work has become for Pevtsov one of his favorite roles, of those “which one can be proud of.”

Zhmurki, 2005
Zhmurki, 2005

The actor is also proud of his performance in the television series by Gleb Panfilov based on the work of Alexander Solzhenitsin “In the First Circle” (2006), where he played Volodin. In 2011, Dmitry Anatolyevich starred in Boris Godunov directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, where he played Prince Vorotynsky. Critics well received the actor’s work, and did not go unnoticed by his work in “Turkish Gambit” (the role of captain Count Zurov) and the role of Stepan Yanovsky in the miniseries Eduard Yakovlevich Volodarsky “Dostoevsky”.

Nicknamed the Beast, 1990
Nicknamed the Beast, 1990

Personal life

The actor is married to his colleague actress Olga Drozdova and is raising his son Elisha. Before meeting Olga, Dmitry had an affair with Larisa Balazhko, as a result of which Pevtsov’s first child, Daniel, was born (died in 2012). Singers are fond of motorsport and regularly participates in rallies and races. He also participated in the Volkswagen Polo Cup races several times, where he even took third place (best result).

In 2001, the actor was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia. Currently, Singers is actively developing as a musician and singer of the rock group “KarTush”. The group is actively touring Russia and recording clips, which does not prevent Pevtsov from acting in films and playing in the Lenkom theater.

With wife and son
With wife and son
All filmography
  1. 2019 Where the sea flows
  2. 2016 Once upon a time
  3. 2016 About love
  4. 2015 Normandy-Niemen. Monologue
  5. 2014 Ship
  6. 2013 Explosion point
  7. 2013 Einstein. Love theory
  8. 2012 My Captain
  9. 2012 Angel in the Heart
  10. 2011 LectorWatch online
  11. 2011 Pandora’s Box
  12. 2010 Attempt
  13. 2010 Dostoevsky
  14. 2009 Sniper: Weapon of Retaliation
  15. 2008 Guilty Without Guilt
  16. 2008 The Circulator
  17. The Golden Key 2008
  18. 2007 Snow Angel
  19. 2007 Election Day
  20. Artist 2007
  21. 2005 Turkish Gambit
  22. 2005 Zhmurki
  23. 2004 Relative exchange
  24. 2004 Bachelors
  25. 1999 The Thin Thing
  26. 1998 Contract with death
  27. 1997 Countess de Monsoreau
  28. 1996 Queen Margot
  29. 1993 Mafia is immortal
  30. 1992 Walk on the scaffold
  31. 1991 Nicknamed “The Beast”
  32. 1989 Mother
  33. 1987 End of the world followed by a symposium
  34. On a circle
TV series
TV series “Queen Margot”, 1996
Film “Mother”, 1989
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