Ekaterina Chopey won the Grand Prix of the international beauty contest

Ekaterina Chopey

Irkutsk woman won the grand prix of the international beauty contest

Irkutsk woman Ekaterina Chopey won the Grand Prix of the international beauty contest and received the title of Mrs Beauty Universe 2021.

As Ekaterina said at a press conference held at the AiF in the Armed Forces press center, this is her second victory at an international competition. She won her first crown and grand prix in 2018 in Vietnam at the Mrs. Universe.

The competition was held as part of the Universe Beauty 2021 Festival of Beauty, Fashion and Talent, which also includes design shows and the Russia Beauty beauty and talent competition.

Ekaterina Chopey

Students from Priangarye will take part in the second stage of the competition “Your move”

“On the first day of the competition, a show of designer collections took place,” said Ekaterina. – I participated in almost all of them as a model. On the second day there will be exits in national costumes and evening dresses, and on the third day – the final concert, during which they selected models for design shows. I took part in two traditional shows and one theatrical – appeared in the form of a doll and had to convey everything from her face. ”

Ekaterina Chopey and Sergey Zverev
Ekaterina Chopey and Sergey Zverev

Now Ekaterina Chopey has the right not only to select participants for All-Russian beauty contests, but also models for design shows.

Recall that now Ekaterina Chopey is the organizer of beauty contests in the Irkutsk region. She is sure that in order to be useful to the contestants, she must go all this way herself, feel the whole process from the inside.

“Moreover, you need to repeat this experience constantly, update emotions, gain new knowledge, see current trends in this industry, and then be able to translate everything you have gained in competitions in the Irkutsk region,” said Ekaterina. – I have now gained experience in staging, choreography of fashion shows, I saw new directions, trends, trends in beauty contests, and in the role of a participant. I learned how to integrate into the image, how to stage shows and fashion shows theatrically.

Ekaterina Chopey and fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev
Ekaterina Chopey and fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev

After all, today the usual show of models with certain parameters is already moving away, theatrical performances with live performance of songs by artists are in vogue. I have new ideas. And now I am ready to give to my pupils, participants of my competitions what they have invested in me at this competition. ”

By the way, in 2021 Chopey plans to hold contests in Priangarye “Unique Mom”, Mrs. Great Siberia, Young Miss Irkutsk, Mrs. Angarsk, Young Miss Angarsk, Miss Irkutsk.

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