Ekaterina Grigorieva

The amazing appearance of Catherine
The amazing appearance of Catherine

Ekaterina Grigorieva took part in the Miss Russia contest twice and did not achieve significant success both times. But representatives of foreign modeling agencies and legendary brands of clothing, cosmetics, perfume appreciated her unique appearance.


Future supermodel Katya Grigorieva was born in the small town of Olenegorsk, Murmansk region in September 1989. Her childhood was spent in a military town, where her father, a career military man, served. The parents were strict with the girls – in addition to Katya, there was another daughter, Valya, in the family – but they tried to develop them in various directions.

Katya Grigorieva photo in the magazine
Katya Grigorieva photo in the magazine

From the age of 9, Katya and her sister attended a ballroom dance studio, but they did not plan to engage in this direction professionally. Parents insisted on getting a profession in demand, and after graduating from school, Ekaterina entered the Murmansk State University for a marketing course.

Having moved to Murmansk, Katya decides to try herself in the modeling business, and she will immediately succeed – an invitation for cooperation from one of the Asian agencies. The parents did not approve the contract, and Catherine refused the offer.

Katya on the podium
Victoria’s Secret model XX walks the runway during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Earl’s Court exhibition centre on December 2, 2014 in London, England.

Career supermodel Ekaterina Grigorieva

In 2010, after graduating from the university and receiving a diploma in marketing, as her parents wanted, Ekaterina again makes an attempt to declare herself in the modeling business – she takes part in the Miss Russia contest. It is not possible to reach the final, but this does not stop the girl, she comes to the competition again. Two years later, Ekaterina Grigorieva takes a well-deserved place in the top 10 most beautiful girls in Russia. The result is an invitation to the TV show “Top Model in Russian”, which radically changes her life.

Katya Grigorieva during the
Katya Grigorieva during the “Top Model in Russian” show competition

Since 2014, Ekaterina Grigorieva has been one of the most sought-after world-class models. In her career “piggy bank” she has experience of cooperation with such well-known brands as

  • Donna Karan,
    Nina Ricci,
    Dolce & Gabbana and others.

Ekaterina Grigorieva

For two years the Russian model Yekaterina Grigorieva occupied an honorable place among the “angels” of the Victoria΄s Secret brand. Photos of the girl appeared on the covers of glossy magazines.

In 2016, Katya gets married, and her career is cut short for a while. After the divorce, she resumed her work, regained her positions in the ranking of models, is again in demand and successful – she takes part in the shows of dresses for luxury brides from Pronovias, brings clothes from Moschino, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and other brands to the catwalks of world importance. …

Russian model Victoria's Secret Katya Grigorieva and got married. Dynamo player Anton Shunin became the chosen one of the beauty.
Russian model Victoria’s Secret Katya Grigorieva and got married. Dynamo player Anton Shunin became the chosen one of the beauty.

Personal life of model Ekaterina Grigorieva

In 2016, Catherine married Alexander, a naval officer from Severomorsk. The wedding was very beautiful, took place in St. Petersburg, the young people glowed with happiness, but it did not last long. A month later, the girl got bored, she lacked attention and “movement”, her husband was constantly at work. In addition, Alexander dreamed of children, and Katya dreamed of career development. The result – after six months, the marriage broke up.

A few months after the divorce, model Yekaterina Grigorieva began to see joint photos with the goalkeeper of the Dynamo football team, Anton Shunin, on social networks. But this relationship was doomed. Katya again chose a career, with which her chosen one again disagreed.

In 2018, a pleasant surprise awaited fans of the model Katya Grigorieva – wedding photos with Anton. It turned out that the young people resumed their relationship, but for a long time they hid it.

Katya Grigorieva and Anton Shunin.
Katya Grigorieva and Anton Shunin.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 30, 2016 in Paris, France.
Makeup done prior the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on November 30, 2016 in Paris, France.

Katya and Anton